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What happens in a session?

February 05, 20216 min read

It's hard to put into words what happens when women come to see me... Also, because the realms we journey in are sometimes deeply intimate and confidential, it's not something I talk about yet I quietly sit in awe afterwards...

The truth is, I'm not actually 'doing' anything other than being so deeply present, that I invite a woman into a deeper experience of herself. I invite her to lean in, to slow down, to feel what's really happening, and allow spaciousness for the unseen and unheard parts of herself to be revealed.

These parts are usually hidden in the unconscious or deeply in the heart or womb space, with other more pressing issues to deal with daily. Sometimes there is awareness of the issue, although often this is not revealed until we explore deeper.

After exploring what the woman is already conscious of when we first connect, then we dive in to the wisdom of the body temple. I trust what shows up there, and there is always magic to be revealed through these 'symptoms' or sensations... as gateways into aspects of the psyche and energy field that are beneath the surface. By creating sacred space, with reassurance, validation and safety, she is able to access parts of herself that she has never felt before, or aspects that have been so deeply buried she didn't know they were there.

It is such an honour to witness what arises when a women feels safe, held and loved. I am in awe of the energetic awareness and multidimensional nature that is revealed when we journey into the body portal. I share and respond intuitively to what I see, hear and feel, and ultimately what makes this experience so empowering is that the woman herself is in the driver's seat of her own experience, going deeply into her self, while being held by the great mystery. I am not 'doing' it for her, although I am right there with her, guiding her in deeper, to stay in the experience, especially if it's uncomfortable. Usually, if on her own, the tendency is to pull back or avoid it. When held in sacred space, she can stay with it, seeing, feeling, releasing and healing what arises through her whole being.

Quantum shifts happen.

With this deep embodied knowing, she is changed.

She emerges from her session transformed, no longer the woman she was when the session started. Even for women who have had years of therapy, coaching or trauma support, what she accesses in these realms with me goes beyond where she's journeyed before, and can include clearing intergenerational patterns, repressed memories and past life experiences.

It's so hard to put it into words... as there can be multiple deaths, rebirths, transformations and evolutions even within the one session. It's fucking incredible and I feel so deeply honoured to witness 


Because it's so intuitive and mysterious every time, I never know where it's going to go or what will happen, other than having a deep trust that once we drop into sacred space with a clear intention, magic happens. Every time.

Because I have a natural gift for facilitating this depth of transformation, I was unsure whether it was something that could be 'passed on' to others. Yet, what I've realised is that for women who are already sensitive to energies, these skills can be learned, and each woman brings her own magic to the space.

What happens in the teaching of this style of facilitation is more of an unraveling of the old patterns and ways of facilitating, so that the deeper wisdom emerges which allows the organic intelligence of life itself to flow through. There is no forcing, no telling, no advising. This is different to a more familiar coaching type approach where there is a clear path forward and a defined outcome. In the spaces I create, there is a dissolving of the conscious mind so that the superconscious can lead the way... and then all aspects of self come into deeper integration in a way we could not have predicted at the start.

Then of course there is the fun of visioning and mapping out what's next from this place of deep alignment... with roots deeper and mind clearer.

This approach is not for the faint hearted... as it really takes us both beyond the edges of reality into the great unknown, and often reveals darkness and pain which requires deep presence and trust to navigate... to know that there is an intelligence that interconnects everything, which coordinates what needs to happen. The biggest challenge as a facilitator is to let go of what we think we know, and slow down enough to allow the spaciousness to reveal subtleties that could easily go undetected with a more directive approach.

As I've been teaching this way of facilitating, hesitant and unsure at first, it has been so enriching and reassuring to see the epic experiences and results emerging from the women who are training to be Sacred Feminine Way Facilitators. They are learning how to facilitate sacred spaces, rites of passage, shamanic womb alchemy, divine heart activation, visioning and other aspects of women's evolution, while ultimately having their own inner transformation to drop into deep trust and get out of their own way so the mystery can unfold in the sessions in the most powerful way.

The feedback and outcomes of the participants in the training so far have been blowing my mind... Now we are moving into the Women's Business Development part of the program where each sister is clarifying her own unique pathway and offerings to midwife transformation in her own way. There are women from all different backgrounds and life experiences in the Sacred Feminine Way Facilitator Training, including midwives, a kinesiologist, a health coach, circle keepers, rites of passage facilitators, and others... with the shared vision to deepen their ability to hold space for next level healing, activation, transformation and women's empowerment.

If this speaks to you, and you would love to deepen your skills and ability to facilitate powerful transformation and healing for women, while being held and supported by me in a 6 month immersion of paradigm shifting human development, relational dynamics, reclaiming personal power, rites of passage and women's wisdom, the doors will be opening soon for the next round of the Sacred Feminine Way Facilitator Training. To uphold the integrity and quality of the training and support provided, spaces are limited to a Circle of 13 women diving into the magic together, starting next month. If you'd like to see the curriculum and earlybird offer when it opens, you can see more and sign up to the waitlist HERE.

We are birthing a new way, the Sacred Feminine Way 


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Avalon Darnesh

Avalon guides women to trust their inner wisdom, activate their full power, do their soul work and shift the paradigm. We are the change makers.

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