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Ritual to call in your Soul Tribe

November 22, 20197 min read

HOW TO CALL IN YOUR SOUL TRIBE for your workshop/circle/retreat.

This can also apply to other offerings and coaching. Or anything you want to 'call in'. WARNING: WITCHY 🔥

I'm going to share with you a ritual I did recently, but first the practical/financial aspects.

FIRST you need to know how many people you're calling in. For example, if you're holding a circle, workshop or retreat, this would depend on the nature of the work, intimacy/group size, size of the space available, the costs of venue/supplies/catering, other costs involved like co-facilitators, your personal facilitation fee, transport, printing, promotion, candles, decorations, etc.

Once you've worked out all the costs, this is what you need to 'break even'. This amount ensures you are paid, everyone else is paid, and everything's covered. Then what would be the 'nice to have' amount - once everything is covered, how much profit would you like on top of that?

For example... say you're running a workshop and you've added up all the costs including your venue, snacks, candles, your facilitation fee, printing flyers, transport and everything which comes to $2,500. There is space for 10 people, so to cover costs, the price of the workshop needs to be $250 per person to break even. This could be your 'Earlybird' price, and full price is $300, which you're happy with. Depending on your values, you might like to keep it as affordable as possible for your attendees (which is my approach) or you could set the price at $400 per person and you make extra. Your call.

Regardless of your price, it's obviously best if you can 'fill' the workshop to ensure you get what you need, the attendees have an amazing experience, and everyone's happy. Win-win <3

THEN - what are you going to do with that money? Make sure it's all allocated to where it needs to go, so the money has a clear purpose and pathway forwards. This is just as relevant for $1000 or $10,000 or $100,000. Map it out so it's super clear that the money has a place to go, which means you will be comfortable receiving it and knowing you'll use it wisely.

NOW STEP TWO: The fun witchy part :)

Now it's time to call in your 10 people. Not just any people, you're calling in 'soul sisters' who are ready to dive in and do this sacred work with you. There is extra potency when the integrity of the space is honoured, and you only want people who are aligned and willing to honour that.

You might have a wobbly moment, "Oh shit, how am I going to get 10 people in? What if I don't get 10 people? Maybe I won't bother..." etc. It's okay... that's natural. You've been pregnant with your vision and now you're in 'transition', about to birth it into the world.

Anyone who knows the birth process, knows that transition is that time between worlds... when you are SO CLOSE to birthing your baby and yet there can be a flood of doubts creep in, just when you're about to meet your baby.

This is the time things can either go completely pear shaped, or you can deepen into your power as a birthing creatress. This is why having LOVING SUPPORT makes all the difference, a soul midwife for your process.

(EDIT - at this point, you may be reflecting on your actual childbirth and notice emotions arising, especially if there are unresolved things... because all Rites of Passage and the creative process are interconnected. So, be gentle with yourself and reach out for support if you need it. Birth is huge. This is the power of this work. It reaches those deepest places on your soul journey... )

It's time to pause... ground yourself. Get present. Feel your edges, breathe into them. Fears might arise - invite them in. Look at them. Shine light in the darkness. Bring the unconscious into consciousness... You might need to cry, surrender, release to a higher power...

Know that YOU'VE GOT THIS.

Unless you are already confident in your own space-holding abilities, this is where having support can be invaluable to help you breathe, trust, allow, transform, and BE the woman you are here to be, to do this sacred work.

::: HERE IS A RITUAL to call in your Soul Tribe. This is the exact ritual I did recently to call in the powerful women who are ready to dive into the Women's Mysteries Facilitator Training with me in 2020. There is space for 10 women. Some are already in... some have spoken with me and feel the call... some are feeling a nudge... and some don't even know this exists yet but know they're feeling called to something powerful next year...

PART ONE - First get really clear about your vision and the outcome of the journey. In my case, it's deep heart and soul alignment, reclaiming Rites of Passage, and activating the ecstatic power of women to grow our roots deep, do our soul work and birth a new way of being on Earth. These women are not here to play small. They are reclaiming ancient wisdom, and rising as visionaries of cultural change.

PART TWO - VISUALISE or DRAW your circle/workshop/retreat. ON A PIECE OF PAPER I drew the circle of sisters, with a spiral in the middle to symbolise the transformation we are experiencing together. Around the centre spiral are 10 circles representing each woman, and within each circle is a heart, representing the heart and soul of each woman.

I SAT CROSS LEGGED with this potent image representing this circle of sisters in front of me. With eyes closed, I feel my energetic roots growing deep into the Earth, right down into the womb of the Earth, so deeply held, in service to life. I am a vessel for this sacred work to be 'birthed' now. I am in deep gratitude and trust, knowing I'm held and guided.

IN MY HANDS IS A CRYSTAL - a Rose Quartz Heart. You could use any crystal you wish, or simply the power of your intention. I hold this crystal to my heart and feel the love from my heart beaming into the crystal, then expanding out into the world, touching the hearts of the sisters who are joining me in the circle. I feel nothing but love and deep trust and admiration for the courageous visionaries who are feeling the call... knowing their sacred work is to deepen connection with the divine, and deepen their service to women and the Earth...

I breathe this and feel it flowing through my whole body. Deep love and trust... and I start swirling my hips, dropping my energy into my womb cauldron... which is extra potent right now while I'm bleeding... I swirl, stirring up the energy... grounding deeper into the Earth... until my whole being is feeling so beautiful, warm, quite blissful and ecstatic... I'm now in an altered state of consciousness, expanding into the universe, deeply aligned with the potency of this container, calling the sisters in at a soul level.

I see us in circle, so deeply aligned in this potent container of transformation. I hear the voices... I smell the candles... I see the smiles, the tears, the power in each woman.

I feel deep trust and gratitude.

I return to stillness.

The crystal is warm now. I place the crystal in the centre of the circle, and release this magic to the universe.

It is done. It is done. It is done.

Now my role is to keep listening. To trust what arises... to keep grounding down, rising up, showing up, sharing my message and holding the frequency of love... making it easy for the soul sisters to find their circle.

There is no doubt or hesitation clouding the energy...

Pure love, trust & gratitude.

And so it is 

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