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Sealing my Womb Portal

April 08, 20237 min read

This morning's story about cosmic womb healing, not being a portal any more, and claiming my power back.

For context, I've been deep in a healing portal the last few months. There have been many layers, insights, revelations and fundamental shifts happening in my life. Without going into all the details (which will be in my upcoming book about this, Mid-life Initiation) I've been riding it all pretty well, although this morning I went into the house to say hi to Brett, and started to feel quite light headed after a lot of heavy flow last night, and decided this womb bleeding situation needs to stop. Pronto.

A couple of weeks ago, when I asked my womb and cervix what she's afraid of, the response was: I'm afraid of my own power.

Last night I watched a doco on Gaia TV about energetic healing, which was a great reminder of how powerful and fast things can shift when we tune into the quantum field. It also reminded me of the Orion Theta Healing technique I trained in nearly 20 years ago, and the amazing power of energy healing to have fast, dramatic healing results. I need to do that, I thought.

It was early, and the sun was up so I decided to do some self healing in the sun. I placed down my towel in the back yard and got naked so I could have the sun beaming down on all of me. At this point I don't really give a shit who's watching, although I did my best to strategically place myself next to our chicken coop where most neighbours couldn't see me.

At first I simply relaxed, feeling the cosmic rays soaking into my skin like such beautiful medicine. Then I decided to take things next level.

With my hands placed over my womb, I decided to call upon all of the forces of light to be with me. On one level, this reality is not that complicated. Ask and ye shall receive. If you don't call them in, they don't come because it's a free will universe. You need to ask for the support that you want. That actually gives these beings the right to step in and support me. So I called in all the higher vibration beings I could think of, angels guides higher self, Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, Jesus, mother, Mary, Mary Magdalene, Divine Mother, Christ. God, I just basically called in all of the forces of light to be with me.

With my eyes closed I could see a circle of light beings all around me in the sky. I've seen a similar circle in birth when I saw a circle of wise women ancestors of all races in the room around me. I am divinely supported.

With my hands on my womb, I declared:

I seal my container.
I seal my container.
I seal my container.

I am no longer available for other people's healing through me. I am no longer a portal for other people's healing. I am no longer leaking my energy.

I seal my container.

I seal my container.

I seal my container.

It is safe for me to be powerful. I claim my power now.

I felt this real energetic activation happening in my womb and my cervix. This went for a while where I was basically claiming my power. It's safe for me to be powerful. I can be powerful. I'm a powerful co-creator. I'm shifting my reality. I am no longer willing to leak my energy. I am no longer giving myself up as a vessel for the healing of other people's stuff.

I seal my container.

I am now a sovereign woman. I'm claiming my self sovereignty. On this earth. I am here for me and my family and for my divine purpose. I seal my container. I seal my container. I seal my container.

There was a lot of focus and repetition.

Then I moved into the Orion Theta Healing. Essentially, this is about tuning into my spark of consciousness, sending it up beyond the earth's magnetic field to the place of pure source energy, and set the intention to seal my container and heal my body.

It is done.

It is done.

It is done.

Then I brought my consciousness back down into my body and I traveled down into my womb. I could see my womb and I could see my cervix, which was looking inflamed and sore. As I connected in with my cervix, I could also feel the sun beaming in so I was feeling fully supported by the sun, feeling fully supported by the light beings that I'd called in.

Then in my mind's eye, I visualised the healing happening in my cervix, I could see my cervix smoothing out I could see the swelling, easing, I can see everything smoothing out and my whole cervix returning to a state of pristine well being and health and vitality.

I seal my container.
I seal my container.
I seal my container.

I'm feeling the energy from the sun sparking through and and weaving through with sparks of light around my cervix around my womb, but specifically around my cervix because that's where all of the inflammation has been. That's where I've taken things on, and been releasing things from.

For a while I had my hands there, my consciousness, the beings of light and seeing the energy weaving through weaving through... weaving, weaving, healing, healing.

There was a lot of repetition to anchor it in. I am no longer a portal for other people's healing. I am no longer available for people to heal through me. I seal my container. I'm a sovereign woman. My energy is for me, my family and my divine service. This went for a while, maybe 15 minutes or so, focusing on seeing the light swirling through my healed cervix. So much focus. There is really a level of mastery required to stay with this.

I am a master healer.
I claim my power.
I am healed, whole and complete.
My body is a miracle.

I'm in the quantum field, seeing it happening, seeing my body healed. And then I suddenly was overcome with this deep, deep gratitude and I started crying and crying to know that it was done. I had my hands in prayer and I was giving so much gratitude and thank you, thank you for my healing. Thank you to all the beings who have shown up thank you for being here. Thank you for this love. Thank you for my healing. I'm so grateful for my beautiful body and the miracle that I am and the power that I am. I could see it all beautiful and cleared.

Because I'd been bleeding so heavily overnight and in the morning, I pressed on my womb to see if any would would come out and nothing came out in that moment, I was like wow.

Then I opened my eyes and this feather was on my heart, sitting between my breasts! It's a little lorikeet feather, red and yellow, like flames and it was on my heart and then I just lost it. I was like, oh my god, it's worked. It's worked and I'm crying and I'm grateful and I'm like in this complete state of absolute ecstasy and delight and wonder the magic of the universe and the power of my being and the power of of healing and the power of the sun and the power of the earth. And just like in this state of absolute awe and gratitude, I seal my container I am healed. I am whole. I am complete. I'm powerful.

And so it is and so it is and so it is.

And the bleeding stopped.

Yes. We are that powerful.

And it just so happened on the 11th birthday of Zenon who's birth expanded my whole being into a next level, ecstatic multidimensional experience of bliss which you can read about HERE. Far out, women's bodies are amazing,

PS if this speaks to you, consider joining me in The Temple membership for wise women to anchor into your divine power HERE.

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