“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” ~ Anais Nin

If you’d like some personal support, I would be honoured to serve you.

I currently have a special offer on my private sessions. If you’ve wondered about working with me, take advantage of this offer, as these prices will be ending soon and unlikely to be repeated!

I’ve been working with women for over 7 years and here are 3 main areas I help people with, and I can support you with a combination, depending on what you need:

  • Motherhood – this includes your identity, relationships, sexuality, aware parenting, home, lifestyle and raising conscious kids while also nurturing you, trusting your inner wisdom, devotional living and honouring your natural cycles.
  • Pregnancy and Birth – this includes healing past births, preparing for a beautiful, ecstatic birth, and integrating life with a new baby, whether this is your first, or you’ve birthed before.
  • Soulful Business & Lifestyle – getting clear about what you do, who you serve, clarify your offerings and message, and rise into service and abundance in a way that feels totally aligned with your heart and purpose, with full integrity and authenticity. Let’s brainstorm your next steps, and how you can weave your business activities into your life around the kids.


Because it’s my birthday month 🙂

Usually my mentoring is $150 an hour…

until mid-April you can book a half hour with me for $66, or an hour session for $111.

These prices are ending soon, and unlikely to be repeated. Ever.

If you want to go deeper, see more about my Aligning with Divine Love session HERE.


or EMAIL ME and let’s make a plan!

What it’s like to work with me.

I work intuitively, so first we connect and chat about what you’re needing. Then I’ll guide you in a grounding and connecting exercise to see what arises from there. I trust what arises, and support you to listen deeply and explore what’s going on under the surface, including sensations in your body and the wisdom found there. I am fully present to your process as we journey together. Each session is a little different, tailored to what you’re needing. I support you to gain deeper self awareness, understanding and confidence to move forward, more aligned with your true self.


Depending what you need, I can support you to:
  • connect with your heart, womb and inner wisdom to discover your authentic truth, desires and dreams
  • recognize and understand the current situation, past influences, what’s been holding you back and how to release it
  • clarify your vision and next steps. so you leave your session feeling more calm, loving and confident.


All is welcome in your session… including intimate issues like birth, sexuality, relationships, motherhood, fears, dreams, identity… and all feelings, like shame, sadness, anger, desire… no topics are off limits. That thing you’ve been scared to say out loud? You are safe to share it all with me. Set yourself free, sister.

It’s all about aligning with your true self, expressing what you need, and activating your highest potential and vision for your life.

We are at the cutting edge of evolution, raising the next generation.

You don’t need to do this alone.

That’s what I’m here for. I love this deep exploration, transformation and returning to wholeness, so you can remember who you are as a radiant, beautiful, divine being.

I’m skilled and confident to facilitate your journey of growth, healing and transformation – whether it’s personal, business or multidimensional! Let’s do this!

Although a lot can shift in one session, the most powerful transformation happens over time.

My mentoring packages are flexible and customizable depending on what you need, so we can customize a mentoring package just for you. We can get together every week or 2, monthly, or spontaneously when you need… and this can also change as we go. All in divine timing. Currently, as part of the special offer, Mentoring Packages range from $333 to $2222, and everything between, so let’s book a free chat to talk about what you’re needing and how I can support you with that. This is a relaxed, fun, no-pressure chat to meet and talk about ways I might be able to support you, taking into account your budget, lifestyle and needs.

Mama friendly sessions

Family life can be unpredictable – I get it! I mean… we home-school 5 of them…  🙂 So, if you’re needing a few extra minutes to settle your baby before your session starts, that’s totally cool with me. If shit is hitting the fan at home and everything’s just gone pear-shaped… it’s okay mama, just let me know. Even with the best of intentions, I trust in the flow and timing of when we meet. That said, I invite you to honour yourself and see what arrangements you can make so you can focus on your session. If you have a little one in the background, that’s no problem at all. That said, there are some specific, guided sessions which are better without interruptions, which you’ll know about beforehand.

What’s the next step?

Email me to book your session. Or, if you’d prefer, we can arrange to have a short chat first, on phone or zoom, so you can tell me more about what’s happening in your life and see how I can support you. This is a relaxed, fun, no-pressure chat to explore options, and if it feels aligned, see where you’d like to go from there.

You can email me me HERE.

Together we rise, sister. 

About Avalon

Hi, I’m Avalon. I help overwhelmed mums feel more relaxed, loving and beautiful… and have some fun in the process! See more about working with me on this page…x

My experience of a session with Avalon was like a gift to myself. I felt a great shift of integration and peacefulness within me, a deeper connection to my body, mind and heart and a greater openness and trusting awareness of myself and the love I am. It’s like the walls around my heart have been pushed through, melted down, and are now pulsating at a deeper more loving frequency open to greater more expansive love. Avalon’s presence and attention to the connection and embodiment of the the goddess and feminine energy is very real, connected and on target with where as woman we can now choose to embody our most divine authentic self all the time. Anything is possible when you live in your heart. Avalon thankyou for hearing your calling to guide woman into their heart and closer to the divine. Much Love. ~ Jemah Day

OMG talk about a POWER SESSION! You want ultra clarity? You want complete alignment? You want confirmation of what you already know but are scared to admit it? You want to shift your entire reality in one session? I thought this is what I do in session! Or maybe that is how I am trying to find the words to describe what I just experienced! To experience it? To have the entirely incredibly amazing shift in one session to align more than ever before, to SEE WHO YOU REALLY ARE, and to act on this? – THIS is power, this is powerful. And I am forever grateful. It is hard to put into words really, those seismic shifts that you actually can’t describe, but feel in your bones and come out the other side a complete different person? That. That is what Avalon does. THANK YOU, doesn’t really cut it. But Thank you Avalon xxx Thank you xxx <3 ~ Hannah Andrews

Dear Avalon,
Thank you so much for our session this morning. I couldn’t get to sleep afterwards as I felt so activated!!! I knew you would cut through all the crap for me so I could see clearly, and you absolutely did! To me you feel like a laser beam, a really pure focused energy that beams into me, aligning my whole being. We seemed to cover so much in such a short time. I now feel stronger and clearer in myself and I know that feeling like this is the key to bringing in the change I need to realise my vision in the world. You really get to the heart of things. Thank you dear one.
Love love love,

“Avalon… thank you so much for my alignment and activation session!! The vision you helped me access of the path forward for my work feels incredibly aligned with where I’ve come from and where I see myself heading. Quite amazingly really… at first it felt like a general decision, and then bam… you tuned right in, and there it was, a direction that seems so clear now. I’m feeling excited, and focused, and like I can see exactly what I need to do to get to where I want to be. And my heart… so full of energy for having this clarity. It was a joyful experience to talk to you, our session was lively and fun and I loved the pieces of wisdom you offered. Thank you Sister.. I will definitely come back to you to reflect on and see more clearly with other areas I’ll be working on.” ~ Kobie

Dear Avalon, Over the last few days I have been allowing and trusting a deep transition and opening to unfold within me which our session together has enabled. I felt lost, afraid, confused and overwhelmed before the session. I felt deeply supported, respected, honoured, safe and trusting during our session and have since felt a heightened sense of love, peace, joy, trust and empowerment to walk my sacred path with authenticity. I feel reconnected to the essence of me which I had forgotten was lost…..and it feels amazing! Thankyou for all you have provided me in this huge process – a truly transformational tool for life! With love and gratitude. ~ Michelle Jordan – Holistic Counsellor and Inner-life Coach

It is actually challenging to find the words to describe the shift that occured with Avalon’s most present and connected facilitation. To have someone so connected to Spirit, allowed me to do the same and have the transformational shifts that occurred. To FEEL that love, compassion & grounded energy was something I will never forget and I am calling it in on a daily basis to become the norm. Life changing and positively transformational is this Aligning with Love session with Avalon. Words, simply cannot transfer the experience and impact it has had on my life. Thank you Avalon! ~ Hannah Andrews

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