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Dancing is meditation for the feminine…

Enjoy my favourite womb-swirling tracks below…

To deepen connection with your womb wisdom…

Breathe deeply and bring your attention to your womb space, your pelvic bowl. This is the seat of your feminine power, which anchors you directly to mama earth (even without a physical womb, the womb energy exists in this area).

Stand with your feet hip-width apart for balance, and gently bend your knees to allow flexibility of movement. Slowly sway your hips from side to side, gradually building to spirals and figure-eight movements as you feel to. This is not a performance, keep your focus on the sensations inside your body.

Draw the energy up from the earth, through your feet, into your womb, swirling and stirring your womb energy like a magical cauldron.

Simply enjoy this energy flow…

Or you can tap into this energy to BIRTH YOUR DREAMS AND VISIONS out into the cosmos from your womb.

You are the Cosmic Mother, birthing new realities with the power of your focused intention.

Let the music transport you deeply into your womb centre, keep breathing deeply, sigh and release on the outbreath

…and allow the music to flow through you.

This is my daily practice to stay connected with my body, and breathe life into my dreams.


See how you can work with me to activate the power of your womb HERE.

Into my Womb – by the magical Scarlet Crow

If the audio player isn’t working, you can LISTEN ONLINE HERE.

Enter the Temple – I erotically danced to this for Brett for his birthday.

If the player below isn’t working, you can LISTEN ONLINE HERE.

Code of the Rose – sacred feminine Magdalene energy

If the player below isn’t working, you can LISTEN ONLINE HERE.

Dance of the 7 Sisters – Deya Dova

This is one of my most favourites ever! I got permission to use a portion of this song as the intro/outro to my Blossoming Woman course videos.

If the player below isn’t working, you can LISTEN ONLINE HERE.

Once Upon a Sea of Blissful Awareness

an oldie but a goodie by cosmic inner-space travellers Sphongle… If the player below isn’t working, LISTEN ONLINE HERE.