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I’ve been attending and running women’s circles for years now. Being in circle is one of my favourite places to be. The depth, safety and level of connection warms my heart… the beauty and power of seeing sisters in their raw truth and vulnerability is so healing and touches me deeply… circles are necessary, VITAL and transformative, and sometimes I wish the circles would never end…¬†<3

Because… when the circle ends.. we can carry the magic inside us… but then we go home. Alone.


It is the root cause of everything. Addiction, exhaustion, depression, anxiety, cranky mums, family breakups and suicide.


Humans need each other. We need tribe <3

It is my vision for us to create supportive networks in our local communities, starting with circles and spreading into actual daily life. Like:
– setting up food rosters for mums with new babies
– helping each other organise and clean our homes
– looking after each other’s children so we can get some other stuff done, or simply have some mama ‘downtime’ (especially in a country with a dogmatic government imposing financial penalties and childcare restrictions based on healthcare choices… ahem)
– doing gardening/weeding/projects together
– doing ‘mamabakes’ and ‘crafternoons’ for fun
– organise outings and activities together
– celebrating seasonal festivals
– just hanging out, having cups of tea and remembering we’re not alone

I see us bridging the generations and having grandmas and grandpas helping us with the little ones and stuff around the house, giving a sense of purpose and contribution for our elders.

Do you see this too? I’m gradually gathering the tribes… circlekeepers, visionaries, dreamers, activists, and ANYONE who feels called to connect more with other people in your own community… this means YOU. Even if you don’t know how. Even if the thought of stepping out your own front door and saying hello to a stranger freaks you the fuck out. THIS is part of the problem, people.

A mindset shift is needed. We have become so conditioned to be separated, afraid and suspicious of each other. You could have a terrorist living over your back fence, for gods sake!

It’s time for us to get real. And get together. And create supportive, resilient community networks and bring the power back into our own hands. You. Me. Each other. Together.

Stepping into leadership in our hearts, homes and families.

Our ‘Village Circles’ project is a grassroots movement to connect people. From all different walks of life, worldviews, religions, sexual preferences… IT DOESN’T MATTER. Do your own thing, as long as you’re not harming anyone.

Our core values are respect, kindness and listening to understand and support each other. No blame, no shame, we are all in this earthship together, people. Contributing to make the world a better place.

It’s time to remember who we are.

The age of isolation is over.

If you’d like to stay in the loop about this, and stay connected or contribute your ideas or share stories or organisations of others who also share this vision, COME AND JOIN US at The Village: Creating Communities facebook group HERE.

Just so you know, this is not a business or a money thing. It’s about volunteering, sharing and contribution. There may be fundraising, crowdfunding or donations involved somehow… I’d love to hear your ideas.

Because each and every one of us has something to share… so let’s stay connected and see where this vision takes us!

Together we rise.

Love, Avalon x