It’s time to reclaim your wealth and your power!


~ Turning Point ~

Keys to wealth for soulful sisters.

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True Wealth =

Wellbeing on ALL levels.

If your finances are in chaos and you’re struggling to make ends meet, it’s stopping you from doing what you’re here for.

It’s that simple.

If you’re not in your power with money, someone else is in control.

It’s time to get off the money rollercoaster

and turn things around!

This is where I come in…

(Psst! First I have a confession to make…)

For years I wished money didn’t exist. I still have fantasies of the economy collapsing so we can return to the earth and live peacefully ever after. Hey, that might still happen…

For now, whether we like it or not, money is our current form of exchange. To have more freedom, choices and influence in the world we need to learn to manage it wisely, rather than leave it to the elite few to pull the purse strings of the planet!

Money flows where it’s best organised, and it’s time for us, the people, to circulate it where it’s needed most. There are no excuses.  No one is going to save us.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

The past few years I have been studying, growing and transforming in my relationship to money. Even as a mum with 5 homeschooled children, running a business from home, I’ve gone from living week to week, to feeling much more comfortable with money. I no longer stress about money. I’m not a millionaire, but that’s not important to me. I’m living my dreams, with a relaxed lifestyle, doing what I love and making a difference in the world.

This is possible for you too!

Did you know?

The disempowerment of people in our culture is based on 2 key elements:

  1. Keeping people’s self-worth low

  2. Keeping people impoverished

What is Turning Point?

It’s a self-paced online course that’s fun, liberating and revealing.

You’ll be supported and inspired to:

  • clarify and align with your values
  • transform your relationship with money and wealth
  • create healthy, stable money habits no matter how much you have or don’t have
  • remove the emotions and stress out of managing money
  • be inspired to do what matters, live a life you love, and make the world a better place

3 weeks + you + me = transformation!

(This was originally delivered as a 3 week course, and you can go at your own pace)

Part 1: Understanding True Wealth

  • Have a fresh perspective to heal your relationship with money, flow and abundance
  • Understand how people have been kept impoverished and how to become free from these controlling systems
  • learn how healthy culture works and how your value increases along with your willingness to serve
  • see how chaos and order contribute to your financial situation, for better or worse!

Part 2: Valuing Your Self

  • Honour yourself and understand your worth
  • Release blocks to wealth and self sabotaging behaviour
  • Expand into a higher vision for your life

Part 3: Healthy Money Habits

  • This week put on your secretary outfit and get out the calculator!
  • You’ll learn some simple strategies to create more stability and wealth in your life
  • Free yourself from the financial emotional rollercoaster and focus on living a life you love!

You’ll also receive a Money Fun Sheet to fill in at the end, so put on your secretary costume and get out your calculator! Woo baby, fun times!

The Money Fun Sheet helps you:

  • figure out your 3 levels of wealth
  • play with different ideas about how to receive more money into your life
  • make wiser choices with the money that flows in and out of your life
  • sort out an easy debt repayment system if you need that
  • start building some stability around wealth in your life

“I love that the course talked to me on my terms, in terms of energy and balance and providing insight into deeper blockages whilst remaining entirely practical and inspiring. The very first bit about chaos has been the part that I have really taken on the most, I have been spreading myself too thin in many areas whilst I scrambled to work ridiculous hours setting up my business. It’s been very helpful. Thank you!” ~ Misa Carroll

It’s not how much you’ve got, it’s what you do with it that counts!

This is:

  • a paradigm shift into a new way of being
  • an inner transformation to reclaim your power
  • about honouring yourself and living your truth
  • about reducing debt and managing household finances
  • about establishing healthy and wise money habits

This is not:

  • a get rich quick scheme
  • anything sneaky or deceptive
  • about being greedy or inconsiderate
  • about stocks and shares (…yawn)
  • a business course (check out Shine Your Light for that!)

Are you ready to turn things around?


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What would you like to ask me?

When does the course start?

This is a self-paced course and you can start as soon as you’re ready. After you sign up, you’ll receive an email to confirm your registration, and your login details so you can start straight away if you wish.

How does it work?

After you sign up, you can login to the course page to access it. Each module includes an audio session for you to listen or download to your device, and accompanying journal exercises to integrate the material into your life FOR REAL!

I’m not a hippy or soulful sister, is this for me?

Even if you don’t wear kaftans and burn incense, if you’ve found yourself here I dare say there are some hippy bones in your body. And even if you’re totally un-hippy and just want to get your money stuff sorted out, come along for the ride. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself standing barefoot on a patch of grass and suddenly a rainbow appears in the sky and an owl stares down at you with a penetrating gaze proclaiming to be your Totem Animal. Or, on the other hand if you object to being labelled anything and scoff at the term ‘hippy’ because you don’t belong in a box because you are totally undefinable, then this is totally for you.

I struggle a lot with money, and don’t have much time. Is this for me?

omg, this is totally for you. This is about shifting your mindset and becoming free from old patterns of ‘busy’ and learning simple strategies to be more organised and responsible with the money that *does* come into your life, so you don’t feel so stressed about it. This is helpful no matter how much money you do or don’t have. In fact, the less money you have, the even more important it is to manage it wisely to make sure your basic needs are met. Dive in. It’s time to turn things around.

Is there a guarantee?

Totally. If you don’t love the course and find it valuable, you have a 14 day 100% money back guarantee.  Keep in mind: the results you get from the course depend on the effort you put into it. The more committed you are to implement the simple strategies you learn, the sooner you will experience positive changes in your relationship with money.

Is there personal support available?

As a member of the course, you can join my private Blossoming Woman Sisterhood facebook group, although I am stepping back from facebook and encourage you to do the same! In that group you can connect with other women and be held and supported on your journey, and ask any questions along the way. If you would like personal support from me, I am available for private sessions. You’re welcome to book a free 15 minute chat or private session HERE.

Are you ready to turn things around?


For a limited time, NAME YOUR PRICE!

No matter what your situation, join us to reclaim your financial power.

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