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During my Shamanic Midwifery studies, we learned the magic of finding your Power Animal and a Goddess to be with you for significant events, projects or stages of life. So, with that in mind, I went on a Shamanic Journey to meet the Power Animal and Goddess for the Divine Mother Temple.

Usually one would go on a Shamanic Journey either to the upper, middle or lower realms for one purpose. This would mean I would need to go on 2 separate journeys – one to the lower realms to meet the power animal, and one to the upper realms to meet the Goddess.

Instead, I chose to do both in one journey. First to the lower realms to meet the power animal, then up to meet the Goddess. A Shamanic Journey is like entering a lucid dreamstate, where you retain awareness, while dropping into a deeper state of consciousness to connect with spiritual dimensions and messages from other beings. For my journey, I listened to a medicine drum recording in headphones. My favourite way to journey is when someone is actually drumming in the flesh with me, but listening to a recording is the next best thing, which still totally works for me and I can do it anytime, day or night, from anywhere. And so the journey begins…

Lying down comfortably with my eyes closed, I breathed deeply, cleansed my energy field and stated 3 times that I was going to the lower realms to meet my Power Animal for the Divine Mother Temple. As I entered the journey, I was standing on the earth, and could see a big tree ahead of me, and walked toward it. When I got to the tree, I tried jumping down a hole to go underground as I’ve done before, then everything disappeared and I needed to reorient myself back on the earth, again standing at the base of the tree. Sometimes in the beginning of a journey I’m still ‘dropping in’ to the space so the imagery can be a bit fuzzy until I drop in deeper… After coming back to centre, I noticed a tunnel leading underground, a steep dark tunnel that was high enough that I could walk down easily without needing to bend over.

So, I descended, going down, down, down walking into the blackness. Deep ahead, I could see all sorts of sets of eyes, feline, mammalian, reptilian, low and high, blinking and staring up from the underworld. There was nothing scary or menacing about it, more of a sense of curiosity and openness, which was mirroring my own curiousity to see who would reveal themselves to me. I was acutely aware that I was fully present, and my mind was completely blank and receptive to see who showed up.

As soon as I got close to the bottom of the tunnel, wolf came running out of the darkness and wrapped herself around my legs. Of course! “Hello Wolf,” I said, as she’s been journeying with me since my very first journey to the underworld. Then a ladybird flittered into view and then disappeared. Then I noticed emu emerge from the darkness, off to the side, which also makes sense because emu has also been journeying with me for years in the shamanic realms. She looks at me sideways with her beady eyes of sternness to make sure I set up my systems properly, dot my i’s and cross my t’s and keep things in order. She is all about focus and efficiency.

Since wolf and emu were with me, I looked up and sure enough saw eagle in the sky, soaring in wide circles. These 3 have been travelling with me for years. I first met eagle about 13 years ago during my first sweat lodge where I actually morphed into eagle, flying around in the sky with my outstretched wings. Wolf had come to me at my first shamanic drum journey to the underworld, and a few years later emu came to me while I was journeying in a sacred circle of 13 sisters remembering the truth of who we are.

Then ladybird came back and made herself obvious. She flapped and buzzed and flittered happily around and I asked her what qualities she brings to the Temple. She said “Joy and lightness.” How delightful! I thanked her.

“Ladybug is a messenger of the divine feminine and goddess energy. So often we prize action, logic and strategy, but ladybug spirit animal brings us closer to our intuition and our ability to open up to receive the gifts of the cosmos. Ladybug spirit animal opens up her wings, lifts off and carries us into the heart of the mother. Her red and black protective outer skeleton (known as an exoskeleton) opens to uncover her transparent wings showing how the goddess bestows protection over all of our freedoms, including the freedom to wish and dream.”

So, here I was with my 4 companions and I told them I was going up to the upper realms to meet the Goddess for the Temple. Wolf was curled around my legs, not going anywhere, so I said, “Okay you can come with me. But emu and ladybird wait here,” and eagle was already soaring above anyway.

I turned to walk up the tunnel with wolf, and both emu and ladybird followed. I stopped and turned and looked at them and they stopped and looked at me right back as if to say, “We’re coming too.”

“Really?” I looked at them both? They held their gaze unflinchingly.

“Really?” I asked again, this time also out loud with my physical voice. Considering taking this menagerie with me to the upper realms seemed a bit cumbersome and awkward.

Yep. They were coming.

“Okay,” I said. “But you need to keep up and we need to get moving now.” I started running up the steep tunnel to the entry at the top. I was slightly concerned time would run out, so I ran up and they followed close behind. “Keep up,” I said to them again as I ran.

When we got to ground level, I kept running and turned to them, wondering how we were going to go up to the upper realms together. Usually I run toward a tree and then jump and fly up into the clouds. I stated my intention 3 times, that I was going to the upper realms to meet the Goddess for the Temple.

“Okay, come with me,” I said to my crew. “We’re going up to meet the Goddess for the Temple.” And just as I was about to start running again, all of a sudden there was a figure of a woman right in front of me, a silhouette with an unusual shaped headdress.

Prior to the journey, I was curious how I would recognize the Goddess. What if she was someone I wasn’t familiar with? Then I heard the words, “Isis” clearly in my head, so there was no mistake.

Isis! Oh wow! And yet, of course Isis is the Goddess for the Divine Mother Temple! Amazing.

I was blown away and deeply honoured, and at the same time had a deep sense of rightness and awe that she’s the Temple Keeper.

“What are the qualities you bring to the Temple?” I asked her.

“Purity and focus,” she said. “And this is a Mystery School.”

Ah, wow. Of course! Those words had been coming into my awareness for a while, and I already knew on a deeper level that this is indeed a Mystery School. This was confirmation.

As an aside… a few years ago I began visioning ‘The Magical Maiden Mystery School’ with my eldest daughter, Luna, who is now 15. Just the day before, I’d been guided to find an Apprentice for the Women’s Mysteries work I do, and it became clear this was my daughter, who has come of age and ready to step into this role. Naturally, she has been an ‘apprentice’ of sorts for many years now, and it was only the day before this journey that we made the arrangement official. The Mystery School it is indeed.

I asked Isis if she had any other messages for me. She nodded toward me with presence, grace and composure and said, “It’s time.” Then paused and added, “And we’re all here with you.” She said, referring to the other 6 Goddesses for the 6 Archetypes in the Temple that I will be going on shamanic journeys to meet soon.

Oh, thank you Isis! I felt so deeply blessed and honoured to be working with her now.

I was actually pretty blown away and in awe. This was totally unexpected. I’ve been journeying deeply with Aphrodite for years and developed an intimate relationship with her, so I was really curious who else might show up in the Temple.

It felt so RIGHT that Isis is the Temple Keeper Goddess. “Of course”, are the words that keep coming to me!

Then I thanked her, and thanked Wolf, Emu, Eagle and Ladybird, and said goodbye, completed the journey and returned to the physical realm again.

I feel such deep gratitude to be the vessel for this beautiful work to flow through.

Guide me, Divine Mother. I am in service to you.


Avalon x

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