Welcome, sister.

I’m Avalon and my mission is to empower soulful mothers.

We are at the cutting edge of evolution, raising the next generation! And raising ourselves while we’re at it… with all the ups, downs and sideways…

I know the world is nuts, which is even MORE reason for us to tune into the love and wisdom that’s already inside us. We are SO powerful, and we need our sister tribe more than ever…

Before we go on… are we on the same page here?

Do you desire to live a beautiful, sensual and even ecstatic life?

I mean, grounded in your body, connected with your heart, having meaningful relationships and expressing your true self however that looks for you?

Yes? Awesome! You’ve come to the right place.

Because we are on a VERY important mission to raise the vibration of this planet, share our soulful gifts and birth a new reality together, which is already happening by the way – yay!

So, with that in mind, let’s get started!

If you’re pregnant, check out my Birth Wisdom.

If you’re in the thick of motherhood, learn more about Sensual Motherhood.

Maybe you’re on a mission to share your gifts in your Soulful Business.

Where would you like to go first?

The Blossoming Woman Vision

Dear Woman of the Earth
The time has come
For you
to awaken your true nature
As a powerful, loving being

And bring your full attention to each moment,
Taking each step in conscious awareness
Listening deeply to the voice of your heart.

I speak through you, as you.
Each and every one of you.
All you need to do is listen.

Slow down.

Quiet the noise of your mind
And rest in the wisdom of your body.
You do not need to know the answers
Just listen within at each step of the way.

Your inner truth will guide your way home
To the home of the heart
The source of creation
It flows through you
And into the Universe.

It’s time to recognize your true divinity
And awaken your purpose on this planet
To love & to serve all of life.
This begins in your own heart.

You are a powerful, loving, divine being.
Your essence is beauty
Your voice brings into form the songs of the Universe
What are you singing?
What are you bringing?
It’s time to cleanse, heal and purify
So together we create
A world of magic and beauty
Of harmony and abundance.

Are you listening to the voice of your soul?
That quiet inner voice that knows.
Under the chatter
Is your eternal self
Your Inner Wise Woman.

Listen to that voice to guide you
She speaks quietly
Yet she is there in each moment
If you slow down and listen within
Hear her, hear her call.
She is calling you home.

Even when you stumble and falter on your path of growth and awakening,
You are supported by a Sisterhood of awakening women around the globe,
With gentleness, understanding and compassion.
Together we can heal the world, one heart at a time.

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I invite you to step into trust and join me!