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Soulful Business Support

It’s activation time, baby! I can help you birth and nurture your beautiful business, so you can do your soul work and receive abundance in return. I’m running a free online business training for mums who work from home on April 20, and you can see all about that HERE or sign up on the form below.

I can also support you with 1:1 Sessions, and Shine Your Light, my comprehensive e-course that guides you to clarify, map out and birth your soulful offerings to make a difference in the world.

Your wisdom and magic is needed sister. It’s time to rise and do what you’re here for!

Would you like to know what it really takes to run a successful business from home, even if you have kids around your ankles?

I’m running a free online training, and I’d love you to join me!

In this live workshop, you’ll learn:
  • the 6 growth stages of business and the lessons and challenges at each stage.
  • the 6 essential key areas you need to cover, to run a successful business
  • tips for getting organised and working from home with children
  • my new 3-hours a day business plan

It’s happening on Friday, April 20th at 10am AEST (9:30am SA, 8am WA, 5pm Weds PST).

As you can see, it’s value packed! Make sure you take notes, and I’ll stay on to answer your questions at the end.

Sign up below to get all the details by email. If you can’t join me live there will be a replay available afterwards.
I look forward to seeing you there!