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For many women, our sexuality is something that gets shoved into the background…

Which is understandable because much of our life we have been trying to protect ourselves from the barrage of unwanted sexual attention and pressure that comes our way.

The #metoo movement highlights the extent of wounding we all carry…

And the tragic part is, by avoiding our sexual energy, we block ourselves off from the very source of life that wants to flow through us!


It’s about being deeply connected in your body.

It’s about feeling beautiful and feminine.

It’s about having access to your full energy and vitality!

It’s about tapping into your creative feminine intelligence.

It’s about harnessing the power and magic of your womb to birth your dreams and visions into reality.

It’s not about anyone else.

And it’s certainly not about having another thing on your ‘to do list’.

It’s about being aligned in your body, mind and spirit.

And letting this energy infuse your life with more love, beauty and bliss.

Your body is literally a powerhouse of magic.

This wisdom has been kept from us.

Sexuality has been pushed into the darkness, shrouded with shame.

The door on women’s sexuality has been slammed shut by the patriarchy.

Sexual energy is the key to your full radiance and power as a woman!

Even if you don’t feel like having sex.

Even if you’re ‘touched out’ and sleep deprived.

Even if you don’t care whether you ever have sex again!

Whether you share this part of yourself with someone else is entirely up to you. And sister, it can explode you into galaxies of blissful infinity if you do!

Your sexual energy is healing, magnetic and replenishing.

Without it, you are missing a whole realm of beauty and aliveness in your life.

So, if you’d like to to awaken the love, beauty, divinity and magic inside you…

Aphrodite, the Goddess of love is calling!

‘Awakening Aphrodite’ is an online program for women to reclaim your divinity, beauty and magic.


You can see all the details HERE.