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Our sensuality as women is beautiful and natural, yet at the same time multi-layered, fragile and complex. In my upcoming book we will explore these layers and stages of our emerging sexuality, and the factors that influence, hamper and enhance this area of our lives.

Sensuality is intrinsically connected with our core sense of self, our connection with our bodies, our ability to feel, and our self worth. It is affected by the messages we receive from our earliest moments of life, with core imprinting occurring in in our earliest years. Our childhood experiences, role models and cultural bombardment of messages about our body and sexuality all have their impact on how connected and whole we feel, or not, in this area of our lives.

Over the ages women’s sexuality has been suppressed, distorted, manipulated and abused, leaving us wounded and disconnected from the very source of life force energy that flows through us. Our experience of our sexuality is influenced by our thoughts, feelings, messages, memories and direct experiences. We are immersed in a culture laden with shame, guilt, fear, ignorance and embarrassment about our bodies and pleasure. This leads to a great distortion and wounding in this area, forcing it into the shadows where it eats away at the heart and soul of humanity in a desperate attempt to free ourselves into wholeness again.

Sexuality in the shadows is a toxic and dangerous thing indeed, becoming infused with subtle levels of disrespect, manipulation and self abandonment, and more extreme levels of abuse, humiliation and violence. The most disturbing part is, we do this to ourselves. By internalising these unhealthy messages we receive, we disconnect from the power and beauty of our sexual essence, and act from that disconnected place. We bend and shape ourselves to become acceptable and loved, while our core self gets buried deeper and deeper away from our awareness. And then we wonder what’s missing and why we keep finding ourselves in situations that repeatedly take us from our sexual core.

The truth is, as women we hold an incredible amount of power and magic in our hearts and wombs. By learning the ancient arts of feminine mysteries and reclaiming this wisdom, we can restore harmony and balance to ourselves and our world. The time for neglecting and abandoning ourselves is over. As within, so without, and we see all around us the evidence of what happens when we pollute and violate the world we live in. It is time for us to say, ‘No more!’ No longer will I neglect my own needs. No longer will I push myself to please others. No longer will I sit back and tolerate the abuse and violence that has been ravaging our minds, bodies and planet.

It’s time for us to take a stand. To listen to the wisdom that’s been inside us all along. To awaken and nurture the wild, passionate, sensual, creative spirit that longs to flow through us. To reconnect with our voice and loving power, and express our true self in the world.

The exciting thing is that we really do hold the power within us. It’s so easy to point the finger to all the atrocities and disasters and corrupt leadership in the world around us and say “THEY” are the problem.

Well, guess what? Each one of THEM was born from a mother’s womb, and raised by a mother’s love, or lack of.

By restoring our connection with our heart and divine self as mothers, we can raise our children in ways that keep them connected with the innate love and wisdom within them, and break this cycle of neglect and abuse that needs to stop.

Connecting with our sexual life force and divinity flowing through us gives us access to a great well of energy, creativity, resourcefulness and ingenuity that is needed in these times. It also gives us access to the pleasure and beauty that flows from the source of life that naturally wants to flow through us and be expressed in the world. We are the conduits of the universal energy of creation birthing itself through us as we evolve through space and time.

This is what this book is about. Lifting the ignorance and suppression that has plagued us for millennia. And becoming a clear vessel for the creative life force energy to flow through you, so you can live a more beautiful life and play your part in the flourishing of humanity.

Thank you for being here. Let the journey begin.

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