Sacred Woman Rising

A coven of transformation to activate your magic.

Doors closing soon!

What if…

all the things you’ve been made wrong about are the keys to unlock your divine purpose?

Your sensitivity, your emotional intensity, your perception and your heart’s longings…

Your gifts are needed now, sister.

For thousands of years we’ve been hiding in the shadows…

They’ve burned us before, yet somewhere deep in our hearts, we knew there would come a day when our gifts were needed once again.

Now, at the eleventh hour with our planet in crisis, that day has come.

All the challenges, tests, lessons, struggles, deaths, rebirths and awakenings haven’t been a waste of time. 

That’s what brings you here. It’s no accident you’re reading this.

We’ve been preparing for lifetimes for this.

Now it’s time to rise again.

Hi, I’m Avalon and I help women who are overwhelmed with modern life, return to the truth of who you are, reclaim your inner wisdom and design a beautiful life and business the sacred feminine way.

Sacred Woman Rising is a potent container to activate your inner magic, reclaim your divine power and clarify your purpose, so you can do your sacred work and share your gift with the world.

The wisdom is already inside you. It’s in your cells, your womb, your bones and your DNA. Over lifetimes you’ve been gathering the tools and experiences you need to do what you’re here for.

Yet your magic has been hiding from a world of domination, judgment and fear.

It’s time to emerge again.. and you don’t need to do it alone.

Connect with your inner power with sisters rising together.

Over the past 7 years I’ve been empowering women to reclaim the truth of who they are through all stages of womanhood – sexuality, birth, motherhood, relationships and sacred business…

Yet it was only recently that I had the courage to ‘come out’ publicly as a shamanic witch.

This has thrown off the shackles for full liberation, and now I guide and inspire magical sisters like you to rise up, courageously share your message and do your sacred work.

So much healing can happen when you’re safe to be witnessed and celebrated as your wild and wonderful self. No more holding back.

It’s time, sister. Do you feel it too?

Let’s play!

Sacred Woman Rising is coven to activate your wisdom and gifts.

A coven is a group of like-minded witchy sisters, working together to enable and empower each other with their craft. And in this case, your magic, your gift, your sacred work and soul business.

“Avalon’s presence and attention to the connection and embodiment of the the goddess and feminine energy is very real, connected and on target with where as woman we can now choose to embody our most divine authentic self all the time. Anything is possible when you live in your heart. Avalon thankyou for hearing your calling to guide woman into their heart and closer to the divine. Much Love.” ~ Jemah Day

Sacred Woman Rising is for you if:

  • feel overwhelmed and exhausted with modern life
  • feel powerless to change what’s happening on a global scale but would love to
  • yearn to connect more deeply with nature
  • long to feel more aliveness in your body
  • desire to release self doubt and trust your inner wisdom
  • are sick and tired of scrounging around trying to make ends meet
  • know you have gifts to share but you’re either too confused or scared to truly rise up

We are moving into new ways of being together. Moving out of exhaustion and overwhelm, and instead deeply honouring yourself and contributing your gift in a way that deeply nurtures you, while serving the ones who need you. This is sacred abundance. Not pushing or forcing, but surrendering and receiving the wealth you are here for. The divine feminine way.

Are you ready to live your divine purpose?

Sacred Woman Rising is an 8 week online journey with magical sisters diving deep and rising high together.

Each week there is a ritual to guide you through a series of potent activations to awaken and embody your divine self, weekly devotional practices to weave the teachings into your life, and a sacred community of sisters to hold you as we rise together.

In Sacred Woman Rising:

  • come home to the truth of who you are and find your place of belonging.
  • connect more deeply with the earth, your deepest source of nourishment.
  • weave devotional practices into your life and business, to receive divine guidance daily.
  • unlock your visionary power to clarify your sacred mission, and your role in the new world we are birthing together.
  • activate the magic in your wombspace, your cauldron of feminine power.
  • expand the loving energy of your heart centre, infusing your life and business with divine love, trust and abundance.
  • clarify your unique voice and message for the ones who need to hear it.
  • align and integrate these new ways of being with practical actions to weave into your daily life.
  • at the end there’s an ‘Emergence’ sacred ceremony to celebrate you and your sacred mission.

Sacred Woman Rising is a potent journey for you to reclaim your magic with other sisters on this journey.

Here’s what we will cover in this 8 week guided program:

1 ~ Come home to you.

Instead of hitting the ground running, this first week is an opportunity to connect deeply with where you are RIGHT NOW. Not where you’d like to be, not where you ‘should’ be, but land HERE and now. It’s also a chance to honestly reflect on how things have been until now, to acknowledge the old patterns that have been running, to be gentle and re-orient to your own divine centre. This week you will set your intention for the journey, clarify your priorities, and arrange your life to ensure you are devoting time and attention to what really matters to you.

2 ~ Grow your roots deep.

What are you needing to nurture yourself, sister? You cannot give from an empty cup, so this week is about deep rest and receiving nourishment from the earth, and growing your roots deep, to be held and supported from a deep place of strength. This week you will also explore your ancestral roots, the magic in your veins, and call upon the wisdom of your ancestors to reawaken the gifts that you are here to contribute to the planet now. This gives you a much deeper sense of purpose and power to do your sacred work.

3 ~ Clarify your mission and purpose.

With roots in the earth, now it’s time to expand up into the cosmos, activate your visionary powers and tap into the intelligence of the universe. This week we call in divine guidance and see: what is your mission and soul purpose? Within our sacred container, supported by the magic of intention and ritual, each sister will find her role in this collective uprising. Together we are weaving our visions into a beautiful tapestry, each working for the healing and restoration of the earth. Finding your gift gives you so much clarity and confidence about where to focus your energy, and the most potent offerings you can share in deep alignment with your soul path.

4 ~ Centre in your power.

Now it’s time to activate your womb cauldron, your seat of feminine power. Calling up that earth energy from below, and calling down your visions from above, we ground deeply into your womb space, connecting you with a direct channel of ancient wisdom and abundance. Delving into the blood mysteries and rhythms of your cycle, this week you will optimise your potency by honouring the rhythms of your cycles and calling in the power of Dark Mother to set sacred boundaries that honour yourself and your soul work. You will also plant the seed of your vision in your womb, to gestate and nurture your dream into reality.

5 ~ Align with Divine Love.

With the seed of your vision planted, this week we rise up into a heartspace to tend your vision with divine love, expanding energetically and magnetising universal support. This can also bring up edges of worthiness of ‘who me?’ and layers of self protection, and fears of visibility, as we’ve been immersed in a culture where it hasn’t felt safe to live your divine truth. Bringing awareness and compassion to those parts of yourself that feel afraid, we connect with a deeper truth, as a woman on your soul path, here to do this sacred work. This is your path and this is what you’re here for. Surrendering in deep trust, you are a vessel for the divine, in service to love and healing. You are whole. You are guided.

6 ~ Speak your truth.

As we’ve journeyed through the layers so far, threads of your life’s tapestry are starting to come together into a clear vision and purpose that weaves into your life path forward. What is your gift? What is your purpose? What is your message to share with the ones who need to hear it? Because witches have been persecuted in the past, we will have a Dark Moon Releasing ritual, to release fears of persecution and sisterhood wounds, so you are free to rise into your true self and speak from the heart, courageously calling in the ones who are here to work with you. 

7 ~ Alignment and Activation

Now we pause to reflect and integrate, coming into deeper alignment with the clarity that has emerged for you during our journey so far. You are more aligned with your true self now. The power of your vision, mission and message is clearer and it’s time to reorient to NOW as your more deeply connected, awakened and courageous self. This week there is a guided process to integrate these shifts and reorganise your life around your new priorities. You have changed. You’ll never be the same person before you started this course. And that, my dear sister, is a very good thing. Your wings are spreading and it’s time to fly….

8 ~ ‘Emergence’ Sacred Ceremony

By the end of this journey, it is my intention that you are clearer, more confident and courageously wild and inspired to share your visions and message with the world, and rise into more potent sacred service in your work.

We complete this magical journey with a full moon ritual to celebrate your emergence as your more aligned, divine and sacred self. I am also open to see what arises from our group about how to celebrate and ‘come out’ at the end… maybe a video montage of each sister sharing her gifts… that would be amazing! Or I could interview you when you’re ready to share more openly? Let’s surrender to the mystery!

Join Sacred Woman Rising if:

  • you’re done playing small and struggling to get by
  • you’re ready to devote sacred time and energy to your true purpose and business (instead of dodging around the edges!) to nourish and support you and the ones you’re here to serve
  • you’ve been hiding in the shadows, worried what people might think if they REALLY knew who you are and what you do
  • you have gifts to share, and even if it scares the *shit* out of you, you know you need to rise up and be SEEN! eeek!
  • you’re feeling called to rise into sacred leadership and make a difference
  • you long for the safety of a coven of sisters to dive deep and rise high with

BONUS: Your Sacred Feminine Business Plan

Based on a beautiful flower design, this is a business plan with a difference. This planner helps you design, tend and nurture your soul business in a way that deeply nourishes you, while honouring the value of your gifts and providing the sacred masculine structure to rise into sacred abundance doing your soul work. It covers all the areas essential to running a flourishing business, the sacred feminine way.

I have been asked if I will be running this again later this year. I I honestly don’t know when or in what form this will be offered again as I’m totally surrendering to the mystery, in service to the Goddess! This initial journey is already evolving as we go… which is why it’s being offered at an introductory price, as I’m responding to what arises along with the activations each week. Already there is a ‘Sacred Business Flower’ Feminine Business Plan added, so it’s like a next level of Shine Your Light (Business School for Witches) from an embodied place to really activate the potency of your sacred mission.

No more playing small, sister.

Here’s how to join us.

Pay once and save.

This journey will be AU$888, and for this first round you can join for AU$555. Save $333.

AU$555 is approx $390USD.

Payment Plan $150

Join now for AU$150 x 4 fortnightly payments. Next round it will be $240 x 4. Save $360 now.

AU$150 is approx $105USD

How does it work?

We begin with a Full Moon Ritual for the Equinox at 11:11am AEDT on Thursday 21st March, which is recorded.

After that, each week we meet at 11am AEDT on Tuesday mornings starting on the 26th of March through to the 14th May.

The calls will go for about 90mins – 2 hours, with a recording available so the energy expands to include you if you can’t join us live.

After each activation call, you will receive the replay, and a devotional practice to deepen into that week’s activation, and homeplay exercises to weave this work into your life. This gives you a week to watch the replay and embody the teachings.

There may be other rituals and coaching calls throughout our journey as needed, all recorded. Trusting in the mystery.

You will be connected with a Listening Sister for personal support, to meet for 10 minutes a week (phone, skype or zoom), to debrief and listen as witnesses for each other as you rise together.

All call recordings, practices and resources will be available for you to access in the online membership area. You will have longterm access to the materials even after the course ends.

There will be a private facebook group which is optional, for you to connect and share with other sisters in this program.

TO RECAP, here’s what you get in Sacred Woman Rising:

  • a Full Moon Ritual activation to start the journey
  • 8 x weekly activation/embodiment rituals with wisdom teachings.
  • 8 x weekly worksheets with devotional practices, journaling and next steps to weave the wisdom into your life in a practical way
  • BONUS Sacred Feminine Business Planner to design, tend and nurture your soul business as we journey together
  • Sisterhood support and group mentoring and coaching from me
  • A life changing journey to activate your wisdom, magic and power.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a ‘gather dust in the hard drive’ kind of course. This is a live, guided journey of participation, transformation and action, so please join only if you are willing to make that commitment to yourself and the group.

Allow about 3 hours a week to devote to this journey, or more as it becomes your new way of being. The sacred feminine way.

Return to your body temple.

Find your place of belonging.

Reclaim your magic.

Express your authentic self,

identify your essence and your gifts.

Clarify your role and purpose,

Share your message

Do what you’re here for.

Your magic and wisdom is needed now, sister.

Is there anything you want to know? You can EMAIL ME HERE.

Choose your payment option to join us

Pay once and save.

This journey will be AU$888, and for this first round you can join for AU$555. Save $333.

AU$555 is approx $390USD.

Payment Plan $150

Join now for AU$150 x 4 fortnightly payments. Next round it will be $240 x 4. Save $360 now.

AU$150 is approx $105USD