Enjoy these explorations to reclaim your feminine wisdom and power.

Topics include: empowered pregnancy & ecstatic birth, motherhood & sexuality, womb wisdom, relationships, homeschooling and more…

The Intimacy Whisperer – The sexuality of pregnancy, birth and motherhood.

“It was fabulous talking with Avalon and we could have talked for hours. She is a very switched on young woman that is very much in touch with the mind, body and spirit connection and how that plays out through pregnancy and birth. We talk about intimacy and sex during pregnancy as well as afterwards. What I loved about this interview is firstly how easy it was to talk with Avalon and it felt like we were old friends.” Thank you Pauline! You can see more about this interview and The Intimacy Whisperer HERE.

How Do You Express Your Authentic Self?

Meet Avalon Darnesh, a shamanic midwife, intuitive coach and mentor who empowers mothers to live a beautiful, sensual and ecstatic life. Avalon has the vision that mothers can transform the world through healing themselves and raising their children in more conscious, connected and loving ways… AND have fun in the process! Taking a wholistic approach, Avalon facilitates online programs & shares information for women at all stages of the mothering journey including pregnancy, birth, relationships, life purpose and ecstatic living!

Aaaannnnnd… my first short podcast episode launched on 12.12 last year.

001 – Welcome to the Blossoming Woman Podcast

Also, see these video interviews below…. from birth to sexuality to self care to money…

“Two leaders of feminine awakening from Australia discuss the ins and outs of orgasmic birth.” With Devashi Shakti.

Get ready to transform your relationship with money with Julia Renaud, who blends spirituality and money.

What is a Soul Story Shaper, and how do you release the story inside you? Watch this interview with Anna Feldman to find out.

Delve into Star’s magic on self care and replenishment, and learn some easy tips to nurture yourself as a mother.

Thea specialises in sustainable energy from a human perspective! Learn how to ride your natural cycles and replenish your energy each day.

Speaking with Erica from Luminous Youth on awakening a new vision of motherhood, and how to move into new ways of being in our homes.