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You can have all the parenting strategies in the world, from attachment parenting, to aware parenting, to all sorts of theories and approaches… and I know how helpful these ways are to unravel the old automatic habits and reactive patterns we learned growing up. BUT none of the theories in the world are going to work if you are coming from your HEAD. Your children need to FEEL you… your heart, your womb, your truth! You need to BE the divine mother, the earth mother, the wise mother and have courage to have a strong voice, be present with love, state your NO clearly and be an example of a fully integrated woman who stands powerfully in your truth and honours YOURSELF first, so you can truly be present for others and nurture your children with your whole heart. Be aware of the energy field that emits from you… can your children FEEL your presence in your womb and heart?

Most importantly – can YOU feel this within yourself?

Otherwise, you can get confused and conflicted and doubt yourself, and perpetuate the martyr myth that mothers need to be selfless and do everything for OTHERS and end up feeling resentful and burnt out. This serves NO ONE. I am baffled at the amount of mothers who shove their sexuality and heart’s radiance into a dark back corner of their life until eventually… one day… who knows how many years away… they will eventually find time to devote attention to this part of themselves. BUT, ironically your EMBODIMENT is the KEY to being fully alive NOW!

We are here to birth a new vision of motherhood. We are at the cutting edge of evolution! Do you know how powerful you are?

I’m here to lead by example the RADICAL concept that you need to NURTURE YOU and bring the fully alive, awakened part of YOU > INTO < your mothering journey. Your radiance, your voice, your truth. THIS is the new vision of motherhood as DIVINE MOTHER, EARTH MOTHER, WISE MOTHER. We are RISING, not only for ourselves and our children, but to be a VOICE for the great mother herself, mama gaia, and all the beings who cannot speak up for themselves at this time. I’m SO excited to step into this in a big way in 2018. Do you feel this too?? Would you like to activate this part of you and rise into full integration and wholeness as a woman and mother and BE the change, the Queen of your Hive? Society has it all upside down…

This is about honouring YOU so you can be the incredible, intuitive, perceptive woman you already ARE and TRUST yourself to know what’s best for you and your children. Together we rise, sister!

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