These offerings support you to awaken your beauty, magic and power from the comfort of home. Choose your own adventure below…

Private Mentoring

Be guided to connect with your heart, with deep listening and compassion to understand your situation better, find your inner voice and express your truth. You can see more about my private sessions HERE.

Divine Mother Temple

The Divine Mother Temple is my life’s work, supporting you to become aligned and integrated as divine mother. See more HERE.

Shine Your Light

Clarify your purpose, gifts and offerings to share your gifts with the world and rise into abundance doing what you love. See more HERE.

The Birth Blueprint

Prepare your mind, body and spirit to have a beautiful birth, so you can welcome your baby into the highest vibration of love. SAVE 50% HERE.

Learn insights, skills and tools to help you have more pleasure and joy in your life as a parent, even if you’re tired, busy and surrounded by kids! How is this possible? Brett and I are here to show you how 🙂 we have 5 kids, homeschooling, co-sleeping and can share fun ways to weave more love, connection and playfulness into your family.

Special offer: Save 50% on Making Love Matter at the moment. See more HERE.