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The last few months … okay, years … have been intense, bordering on completely fucking insane. Can you feel it?

We are living in accelerated times.

Humanity is going through the birth canal of transformation… as we move beyond the old paradigms and limitations of fear-based consciousness and emerge into infinite possibilities of love, awareness and expanding into our true potential.

Like a snake, humanity is outgrowing an old skin…

I felt it this morning when I woke up, on day 3 of my moontime, seeking relief and relaxation from the incessant activity of late… but instead of surrendering to quietness, it feels like a volcano of ideas and visions is pouring through me, like a tap that won’t turn off, like my head will blow off with so much energy pouring through!!

Before I go on, to give some context for my life at the moment:

  • we’re homeschooling 5 children in a blended family. And we have a home inspection this week, on Thursday, where I need to show our plan for the next 1-2 years.
  • our home has been in mid-renovation chaos for 4 years and counting…
  • the last couple of weeks I’ve been in launch mode, welcoming new sisters into Shine Your Light, an online course for sisters rising into sacred service on the planet, which is SO exciting.
  • I’m coordinating events all over the country for the very first Australian Women’s Day which is happening THIS Saturday 22 September because we need sister tribe!
  • I’m completely restructuring the Divine Mother Temple online membership area to make it easier to navigate. It’s becoming an entire curriculum ‘Sacred Feminine Mystery School’ for inner alignment and guiding women in their work with others.

Over the weekend, I got to the bottom of months of cleaning up my extensive, prolific collection of files, folders, notebooks and visual diaries… and finally have them all refined and sorted into ‘departments’ like, business management, content creation, launching, course-making, identity/story/branding, offerings, pricing and money, women’s mysteries, healing, private sessions, women’s circles, events, etc.

So this morning I awoke after all this activity, desiring to simply drop out of my mind and allow space for nothingness, to step into the darkness, the mystery and be held in the arms of the great mother.

But I. couldn’t. make. it. stop.

The ideas… the visions… all the things. My brain is like a tap on full pressure…

I needed to express it all somehow… so I got up, considering all the multitude of available options to share, online platforms, video, digital, handwritten… so I got out my computer to write this blog, then facebook popped up… I wrote a post about my conundrum on there, and then…

I heard a little voice calling, “muuuuum… come heeeeeere” from the bedroom. So, I paused, allowed the momentary irritation to subside, and chose to be present to this little one. Such is the dance of conscious motherhood, homeschooling and business, even when SO much else is happening, children need presence.

In the bedroom, he took my hand and pulled me back onto the bed and under the covers, where we co-sleep together. It felt so good to be warm and snuggled back in bed again. Then I had an idea – as usual. Literally, the ideas don’t stop.

“Hey, can you make me breakfast in bed?” I asked him in that snuggly space.

“Yes! What will I make?” he asked, and I responded, “Pancakes!” and he said, “Yes!” and jumped out of bed. Since we’d all ignored the kitchen last night, he said, “Mum, the pan needs to be washed, can you help?”

So I said, “Yes sure!” and got up and helped him get set up with everything he needs. Then he told me to go back to bed. So that’s where I am now, with my computer on my lap to WRITE what’s pouring through… and see what’s next.

Even in the chaos, there are moments of beauty and YES my needs are met.

My job is to know what my needs are. And ask for it.

So my question to you is, what are you needing right now?

THAT is your sacred work. Whatever it takes to nurture YOU, so you can be more present to what’s next… x

EDIT … I’d considered sitting and numbing out with food and watching stuff for a while, to escape from the anxiety… which is something I rarely ever do. Sit still, I mean. Instead, after sharing this blog, I reached out to my temple sisters and the Australian Women’s Day team, and am feeling so loved, held and supported by the sisterhood. I dropped more deeply into how I was feeling, and had a huge cry which is just what I needed to release all the pressure of everything and return to grounded presence with life again.

We need tribe.

The end.