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As I sit to write this, I feel torn in what to share first… so will let the words speak themselves….

The past few weeks more layers have been revealed to show me anything out of alignment with my deeper self & soul path that needs to be unraveled and released.

I am seeing things from a new vantage point of crystal clarity, mixed with a deep confusion as I stand between worlds. Even parts that felt 90% aligned are no longer tolerable as I walk forward…

I am bleeding, crying, dark moonish… and causing so much disruption to the patterns that have been playing out within me and around me.

This is a necessary part of what’s happening now. Dissolving and releasing what is no longer relevant, no longer beneficial, no longer serves life. No longer serves love.

In sharing this, I risk appearing inconsistent, unprofessional and possibly even unstable. Imagine that! The fiery feminine who brings wrath to the ones she loves, causing chaos and mayhem and stirring the pot of predictability…

Beware! She sees all.

If there’s one thing I’m absolutely sure of, it’s the strongest knowing to rise into absolute non-negotiation of what truly serves my heart, soul and path.

My family, at the centre of my universe, is going through a massive upheaval as I reevaluate everything… seeing all the patterns that have been playing out, the ways we have been distracted, diminished, deflated… and these ways are no longer something I will enable.

So, the energy is one of destruction, annihilation and dissolving all that is holding us back from the journey we are here to travel.

We are being called for more. Do you feel that too?

Do you feel uncomfortable in your own skin, like it’s getting too tight, it’s getting itchy and something significant needs to shed so you can burst through into your radiant magnificence?

It’s okay. It’s part of the process.

It’s massive what’s happening right now.

The truth is, it’s all radiance… even the dark, messy parts are the radiance trying to bust through. It’s time for radical self reflection, integration and being ruthless with what you allow into your world.

Be real. Sit with what’s true. See it, feel it, hear it, smell it, taste it.

Notice what’s happening. Don’t distract yourself but go into it…

Understand it, unravel it, and release it! Be free!

You have the power to transform it into light.

You are magnificent, a priestess on this planet.

To help guide this, I will share what I have been using to help me stay connected with my love and higher path, even when the world is unraveling at my feet.

I call it an ‘Inner Light Process’ which is a fusion/combo/evolution of some ascension/lightwork tools I have learned, adapted into a simple daily practice, that only takes a few minutes and can be done anytime.

Email me below and I’ll send it to you for free…

Do whatever it takes for you to stay connected in your body, expanding the light in your heart and feeling connected with the energy of life… do that.

Breathe, rest, dance, scream, cry, write, draw, create, make love, talk, swim, run, roll around, wriggle and shake… clean things, fix things, smash things…. whatever it takes!

Powerful energies are shifting, sister.

Avalon xox

Email me for your Inner Light process

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