It’s time to rise, sister.

For personal support to deepen into more of your heart and stay on track in your life, would you like me as your personal mentor?

Whether for personal, lifestyle, business, money, motherhood, identity, sexuality and more, I can support you to break free from old patterns and flourish into richer love, freedom and abundance… and unleash your wild, feminine nature!

I would be honoured to journey beside you, listening deeply to what you need, and helping you map out your goals and dreams into simple steps, so you can take action and stay on track for real progress and growth in your life. I am also skilled to help you navigate any other emotional issues and unresolved stuff that arises along the way… so you can be free, sister!

Here are your options.

I am right here beside you as a coach, mentor and confidante, supporting you to blossom on your unique path.

Currently my 1:1 Private Sessions are BOOKED OUT, and there may be space to join our new Soul Sisters small mentoring group.

Contact me on the form below to enquire about packages, prices and when space may be available.

It is actually challenging to find the words to describe the shift that occurred with Avalon’s most present and connected facilitation. To have someone so connected to Spirit, allowed me to do the same and have the transformational shifts that occurred. To FEEL that love, compassion & grounded energy was something I will never forget and I am calling it in on a daily basis to become the norm. Life changing and positively transformational is this Aligning with Love session with Avalon. Words, simply cannot transfer the experience and impact it has had on my life. Thank you Avalon! ~ Hannah Andrews

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