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One of our wild sisters asked a question today, about how to release limiting beliefs. Setting ourselves free to flourish into our potential is a wonderful way to start a fresh new week…so I thought, I’d share it with you too!


Firstly, what are limiting beliefs?


They are views and beliefs about the world that we created when something happened, which limit our experience of life. For example, if you tripped over when you were a child you might have a belief that you are uncoordinated. Or if someone laughed at a painting you did when you were little, you might believe you are not creative.


It goes deeper than that too…


If you were born into a bright room with lights and strangers in a flurry of panic and whisked away from your mother (like I was) you might have a core belief that the world is not a safe space and your needs aren’t met.


Or, here is a juicy one…


If your first sexual encounters were not that great, and you have found sex to be a bit hit ‘n miss in terms of pleasure, and feel like something is lacking, you might have a belief that there is something wrong with your body, or you are not orgasmic or you are not sexual enough. Or alternatively, if you enjoy sex and have desires, perhaps you are too sexual and shameful and dirty or unworthy of deep, satisfying love.


Either way… it’s all bullshit.


Well, not exactly bullshit because those beliefs feel really TRUE! They have a REAL impact on how we feel and live our lives. This is how humans categorize the world and try to make sense of things. We like to figure things out, find patterns, and then move forward with our newfound wisdom. The problem arises when this ‘wisdom’ keeps us stuck. It locks us into a smaller version of ourselves.


It keeps us from expanding into the fullness of our magnificence!


This can play out in lots of different ways. It can stop us from:

  • having fun doing things we might otherwise enjoy.
  • expressing ourselves creatively
  • being seen and understood and loved by others
  • asking for what we want if we think no one really cares anyway
  • experiencing the delicious bliss our bodies are capable of.
  • doing what we’re here for


It can keep us stuck in a vicious cycle going around in circles and feeling like something is ‘missing’ from our lives even if we don’t know what it is.


So, how do we release these limiting beliefs?


The first step is to reveal them. If you consider an area of your life that isn’t flowing as well as it could, you could ask yourself this question: What do I believe about (money, sex, comfort, fun, happiness, etc)? Another way to figure it out is to finish the following sentence, with your topic of choice: “Sex is ….. ” or “My body is …” or “Money is …. ” or “The world is a ……. place.” (what word would you use to describe the world?)


Limiting beliefs are usually easy to find. In fact, they might be so ‘obvious’ that you don’t even think it’s a belief, so that can be tricky. It appears as though it’s just the way life is. For example, “Motherhood is a struggle.” “There is never enough money.” “I don’t get the love I need.” “No one understands me.” “I’ll never get ahead.” Stuff like that. What are some of yours? I invite you to explore this in your journal.


Now, how do you release them?


This is my favourite part! My partner Brett and I *love* moving through our edges together. It can be risky, revealing and mysterious to shine the light on uncomfortable places where we are keeping ourselves stuck. Seeing our limits helps us to expand into more love.


Which reminds me of this quote by Anais Nin:

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”


It’s also an area I love guiding clients with, holding space for deep exploration, self understanding and transformation to be FREE to flourish into more of your beautiful self. This is an intuitive, guided process and unique for each person. If you would like my personal support, you can see more about my private sessions HERE.


There are a few layers and options and it’s quite an intuitive process…this is the fun part!


Here are a few ways…


Once you’ve identified a limiting belief it might be helpful to understand where it originated, but not essential. Have you felt this way for a long time? (it might be pre-verbal) Do you recall the earliest time you felt this way? Has something happened or do you have a memory related to this belief?


Understanding the origin can be a key to your freedom. Then you can ask yourself, is it true? Is it helpful? Under different circumstances could the opposite belief be equally true?


Bring understanding and compassion to yourself. How has this belief served and protected you so far? Maybe it’s prevented pain, embarrassment and humiliation? Maybe it’s kept you safe in some way?


Now you have a choice. How does it feel to have this belief? Do you want to keep carrying this belief? How would it feel to step into the unknown, beyond your comfort zone outside of that belief? Are you willing to experience a more expanded version of yourself? What’s holding you back from letting it go? What alternative belief could you ‘try on’? Could this be true for you?


If you have been carrying a belief that sex is unsatisfying and you are too exhausted for it anyway, maybe you could try on: Sex is deeply replenishing and I feel my sensuality flowing in beautiful ways.


Or: If you carry: Money is a struggle and it’s hard to make ends meet. Try on: The universe is abundant, I use my resources wisely, and all my needs are met in joyful ways.


Too much of a stretch? Ha! Maybe there’s another limiting belief beneath that one. That’s the magical thing… you see, once you open this doorway, with a willingness to understand yourself and step into freedom, you can find so much wisdom and richness inside you, and ways to release what’s been holding you back so far.




How can you move forward with love, compassion and understanding for yourself and see how this belief has served you, and now see how it’s holding you back? What new beliefs will support you to flourish?


There may also be some grieving about having carried these limiting beliefs and how they have held you back so far.


Trust it is somehow the perfect time to see and release them now. It cannot be anything other than the reality of NOW.


And remember…


Don’t get too ‘heady’ about it or you can drive yourself insane with all the layers, like entering a labyrinth. Come up for air! Feel the wisdom in your body, allow your feelings to flow. Our patriarchal model has disconnected us from the wisdom of our body and the simplicity of nature. Trust your intuition to guide you.


Sometimes you just need to go outside, breathe deeply, and relax into the beauty of who you really are underneath all the thoughts.


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Have you found this artilcle helpful or supportive? Have you noticed any limiting beliefs you are carrying, or find hard to release? Feel free to share it with a friend, or click on the social on the social sharing links below to share the love!


Thank you!



Avalon x


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