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I was trying not to think about ants…

This afternoon I decided to free bleed. In case you don’t know what that is, it means menstruating without using anything to catch the blood. In this case, I was bleeding directly into the earth. I had done this once before, a few years ago, and it was a really cosmic, multidimensional experience for me so I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to do it again.

Life can be like that, right?

So… I gathered my notebook, pen and phone and headed out to the backyard. I was trying not to think about ants. We have a lot of ants in our yard and the thought of my naked yoni on the earth and blood and ants … was not going to stop me.

I also wondered if I’d meet a Power Animal for the Divine Mother Temple, as I’ve been on lots of Shamanic Journeys recently to meet Power Animals and Goddesses for different aspects within the Temple.

I found a nice patch of soft grass and put my stuff down. I was just about to plant myself on the earth, when I heard a sound and a little creature bounded up the yard toward me, and stopped a few metres away. We both paused and looked at each other for a moment. I had never seen such a creature before! I was entranced! It was very sweet, a bit like a rat but bigger and more marsupial than rodent looking… brown and furry with a long snout. So sweet. And I wondered, who are you, little one? Was it a quoll? Some endangered thing? It seemed very rare and peculiar… although I must admit, unusual native fauna is not my specialty… so I slowly reached for my phone to take a photo so I could identify this thing later. With that, ‘he’ decided to leave and hopped away into some long grass by the fence.

If I had taken a picture it would have looked like this:

Cute! Little one. How special. I took a mental note of it’s appearance so I could look it up later. It felt significant…

Okay… now was time to settle myself. I was wearing a dress, and cloth pad in my knickers, so I quickly looked around to check no neighbours could see me, and then removed my knickers and positioned my bare self on the earth. Don’t think about ants. Don’t think about ants.

Hmm. This feels good. Earthy. Grassy. Coolish. And slightly… vulnerable.

omg. Ants.

Within moments, I could feel movement on my inner thighs. I looked down and sure enough there were some little critters. Shit. This was not the multidimensional experience I was going for. I quickly brushed them off and returned to a state of presence. Breathe. Centre.

A few more moments passed.

Ants again. Shit. Go away. I brushed them off.

How is this going to work? Hmm… think. I’m not giving up. I know there is more for me to experience here.

Aha! I’ll squat. So, I got my bum off the grass and squatted instead, so I was ever so slightly hovering just above the grass.

That’s better!

Now I could drop more deeply into the zone I was here for.

I connected with the earth under my feet… bleeding into her, an energetic umbilical cord connecting from my womb deep into the galactic centre of the earth, and my blood soaking deep, deep down, activating the matrix of all-knowing in energetic synergy. Glorious.

With eyes closed, I called forth Isis, who recently revealed herself as the main Divine Mother Temple Goddess.

She appeared immediately, looking stunning and magnificent in her exquisite horned headdress. We have seen a lot of each other these past few days with all the Shamanic Journeys I’ve been going on. This was the first journey without the shamanic drum though.

I nodded in request for her guidance, feeling so deeply attuned with the earth and my blood. “You are here to guide our sisters back into their hearts, wombs and the Earth,” she said. “The ones who are ready will hear the call. It is time for the sisters to gather in the Temples once again. In service to love. In service to life. In service to Divine Mother. We are home.”

And I had a knowing that it was time to meet the Goddess and Power Animal for the Earth Mother. There are 6 archetypes within the Temple, and so far I have gone on Shamanic Journeys to meet the Goddesses and Animals for 3 of them. Down, down, down the dark tunnel into the lower realms I travelled… and was met with Wolf, Emu and Eagle and the other 3 animals who are in the Temple now. Isis has guided me not to reveal them until the Temple sisters arrive.. but I can tell you this. The qualities this one brings to Earth Mother are resilience, resourcefulness, nurturing, fierceness and protection. Thank you, I gratefully welcomed this one into the Temple.

Then, it was time to go upwards and connect with the Goddess for Earth Mother. I returned back up the tunnel and she stepped forward to reveal herself immediately. Without naming names (I’m sitting on my hands!!) she brings wholeness, interrelatedness and synergy, and says, “The Earth is Your Womb.”

I thanked her, and returned to Isis who smiled in warm recognition of the rightness of all that is unfolding. We stand in front of each other, holding hands and nod in reverence for each other and the work we are here to do together. I thank her and say goodbye, and return to my body, my feet on the earth, my blood soaking into a patch beneath me.

I decide to sit on the earth once again. To connect my blood directly from my body to her. This time, there were no ants. Isn’t that interesting. Just me, in a much deeper state of presence, grace and gratitude. Supported and nourished by the earth, as I support and nourish her with my blood in return.

Eventually, I say thank you and goodbye to the earth, get dressed and go inside to share the exciting news with my tribe. I’m fascinated to discover who this bizarre creature is, and I am busting to write down the story while it’s fresh in my mind…

When I came inside, first I told the children about this surprise visitor while I was bleeding into the earth outside. They’re used to me talking about stuff like this… then I googled ‘rat like australian marsupial long nose’ and up pops the bandicoot! Aww bandicoot!!

I start exploring and suddenly it hits me. Bandicoot’s message is: “We have travelled together before” – the sisters in the Temple. In some way, shape or form, we are reconnecting to continue the work we began a long time ago. AND from Scott Alexander King‘s book, it says, “When we honour our heritage and ancestry, living in harmony with the land and show respect for our spirit, our life will be rich, abundant and whole, especially when we physically set about doing what we can to match and maintain that support.” Which is PERFECT, because in addition to the inner/spiritual/devotional work we are doing in the Divine Mother Temple, it’s also about taking practical action to support each other in practical ways and reconnect with the earth…

Oh, thank you Bandicoot for visiting me today. I feel so blessed and deeply honoured to be the vessel to birth this sacred work.

And after I shared this story online, a friend told me that Bandicoot also represent women’s business.

And in the birthing of this Temple, by allowing myself to be the vessel for this sacred work and opening to the messages I’m receiving, I’m in this elevated flow that is like nothing I have experienced before to this degree. Doing all the things i absolutely love and going on shamanic journeys and sharing the stories and connecting with sisters. I mean, THIS IS THE LIFE, right?!!

So much magic!

If you’re curious about the Divine Mother Temple, it is a virtual space for mothers to deepen their connection with the women’s mysteries, live a more beautiful life and birth your magic into the world. The focus is on sensual embodiment, devotional living and being supported to rise into a new paradigm of feminine leadership in your heart, home and community. Mothers means all women… because motherhood is a stage we all go through, whether we birth babies or not.

You can see more in the free Divine Mother Temple Guidebook HERE.

Together we rise, sisters!


Avalon x