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This morning I decided to tackle a big area of garden that had been neglected to the point of 6foot high thick grass and weeds. It was an intimidating project especially considering the only tool I had was a pair of long gardening shears that are kind of blunt-ish.

So i decided just to do a small patch. Small goal. Doable. Not intimidating. I completed that and decided to do a bit more. Seeing this little patch of progress was satisfying, and became momentum to do more. I did a bit more and gradually just totally got in the zone. Setting little challenges for myself. Thinking, “I’ll just do this next bit then I’ll stop.” But the progress was so satisfying and rewarding in itself, it compelled me to keep doing ‘a bit more’ and before I knew it, a huge area had been cleared and I stood back and admired what I’d achieved. It’s ok to take those moments to feel good about stuff. We often spend time thinking about what’s still not done yet. And it’s funny because in some feminine-flavoured communities, goal is a dirty word, like you’re somehow pushing for something out of alignment with your essence or being too controlling. We can sit around theorising about idealism til the cows come home but what we also need right now are people out in the world, getting their hands dirty and doing actual stuff.

The moral of the story is, allow yourself to dream big. And set yourself goals to get there. What is your most magical, even if intimidating, mission? Or that neglected area of your life? See your first little step and just fucking do it. Once you start, the progress becomes naturally motivating. And if you don’t know how, ask for help. The illusion of isolation is coming to an end. We need each other. Imagine how different life would look if people took that one step toward something meaningful. Can you think of one step you can take? JFDI. #justfuckingdoit