You are invited to join me for a Full Moon Activation to reclaim your wisdom, power and magic.

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    In this live, group activation you will be guided to:

    • unlock 3 keys to your sovereign power as a woman
    • embody deeper connection with the source of your feminine wisdom
    • activate a higher flow of wealth in your life

    As dreamweavers and visionkeepers, we are being called

    to rise into a new paradigm of feminine leadership

    in our hearts, homes and communities.

    Who am I and why am I doing this?

    I’m Avalon, and I see the way power has been misused for destruction and control. It’s time for us, the wise ones and rising sisters, to reclaim our authentic power and bring more love, healing and beauty to the earth.

    As a Feminine Visionary Leader, Shamanic Midwife and Temple Keeper, I work with awakening women on the cutting edge of evolution, to align with your heart, womb and visionary power to birth your magic into the world.

    It is my deepest honour to invite you into this sacred space with me. Together we rise, sister!

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