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This is risky… People ask me how I ‘do it all’ with the business, tribe of kids at home, hot-lover-man, interests, quality friends, and all that…

My response might surprise you. And possibly set you free ?

I’ve discovered a secret weapon…

It’s called: Conscious Neglect.

Gasp … shock … horror!

What could that possibly mean?

Conscious neglect is selective and based on some core principles:

1. I know I can’t do it all and I’m okay with that. Like, really.

2. I’m not superwoman, although I AM very clear about my essence, purpose and vision for my life.

3. I know WHAT’S IMPORTANT and trust myself to do what feels alive in each moment.

4. Better still, I trust in higher forces to guide me.

5. I’ve also learned that feminine flow spills everywhere without some structure to hold it, and have found ways to weave a balance of structure and flow into my days.

6. I have a PLAN and baby steps to take me there, so little snippets of time can be used wisely.

7. I know my non negotiables.

8. I say no. A lot.

9. My health, my children and my higher purpose are NOT NEGOTIABLE!!

10. I know what to let slide and I’m okay with that!

A wise friend once said, you can only have so many pots on the stove!

Take today, for example. When I got up this morning, I wrapped a blanket around me, put on my ugg boots, had a drink of water, then took my little dude for a walk around the block in the morning sunshine to kickstart a winter’s morning.

Conscious neglect: I ignored the pile of laundry waiting to be put away.

When we got back, I went outside and did some writing in the sun.

Concious neglect: I ignored the pile of dishes I couldn’t be bothered doing last night after a big day.

Other things that can be consciously neglected: washing the car, mowing the lawn, tidying up the loungeroom, watching shit on netflix, scrolling facebook…

Until it’s a priority then just DO IT.

I mean, it’s not going anywhere, right??

I’m still learning with this, especially when important things are both vying for my attention at once. Like the other day, I had lots of work I needed to do, and my daughter Lotus was feeling emotional and needing love and attention, so I spent time with her instead. I let go of the ‘deadlines’ and prioritised my daughter.

Conscious neglect: of self imposed deadlines.

Children matter! Not negotiable.


No. It is total freedom from the currently-neglected-thing.

It is knowing you’ll get there. Eventually. Just, not right now. And being okay with that.

Like REALLY okay with that.

And weaving flexibilty into your lifestyle!

Do you know how much time and mental energy is wasted fucking around wishing things were different? Far out, sister.

All that creative brilliance swirling around drowning on itself!!

The antidote? Get CLEAR. Get focused. KNOW your key priorities and just. fucking. do. them.

What can you consciously neglect?

And what’s a priority?

It’s simple.

Except when it feels hard.

That’s why some guidance can be helpful.

This is where I come in ?

If YOUR HIGHER PURPOSE and consciously creating a lifestyle you LOVE is a priority to you, consider joining me in Shine Your Light > HERE.

If you have a burning desire to make a difference in the world, Shine Your Light is a transformational business course for soulful women. It supports you to:
• discover your feminine essence, higher purpose & vision
• get clear about your values and dream lifestyle
• weave your story, lessons and gifts into meaningful offerings that make a difference to the ones you’re here to serve
• trust higher forces to guide you
• get unstuck and release fears of being seen
• make the world a better place, and earn money for your family by contributing in a meaningful way
• magnetically attract your tribe in a way that feels fun
• do what you love without sacrificing what matters
• create a realistic, flexible plan to help you stay on track
• step into a higher flow of purpose, abundance and freedom
It’s going to be a magical adventure together!

You can see more about it HERE.

It’s time for us to rise, sisters!

Avalon x