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In recent months, the deep cultural impact of the witch hunts and how it still impacts us TODAY has been sinking in for me.

Besides the obvious destruction and trauma of millions of wise women, families and culture, we experienced the destruction of the sisterhood.

No longer was it safe for women to gather in circles and share our stories and wisdom.

Instead, women were led to become suspicious of each other, leading to judgement, betrayal and mistrust.

To this day, the sisterhood wound still runs deep.

For us to rise into our power, we need to reunite and recreate safety with each other.

This includes healing the way we feel about ourselves, because self doubt and the internal critic gets projected towards others in the form of comparison and judgment.

Not being good enough, being in competition, afraid to speak up, worried of being judged, rejected, abandoned, disliked…

Being too much, not sexual enough, too sexual, too loud, too quiet… you name it.

>> This is NOT OUR FAULT <<

It’s time to free ourselves from what’s been keeping us small


We are needed now, sister.

Our voices, our hearts, our wombs and our power.

The Earth and the Goddess is calling us.

Do you hear the call?

To REMEMBER your gifts that were burned, drowned, buried…

and rise into your greatness.

“… the onset of Patriarchy didn’t kill the Goddess. She simply lay dormant underground in the darkness, growing roots. Really strong bloody roots, because she’s cyclic; and she knew that with every Great Forgetting, where women and their power are put in the dark, there had to come a Great Remembering. That Great Remembering is now.” ~ Lisa Lister

I am TOTALLY feeling this.

When we unlock the wisdom and power inside us,
We are an UNSTOPPABLE force.

This is our sacred responsibility.

They’ve tried to keep us quiet, keep us down, keep us small.

But we are rising anyway!


Let’s co-create a world where:

We are safe to be seen in all of our ups and downs: vulnerability, messiness, strengths, weaknesses, wisdom, passion, disappointment, enthusiasm, regrets and excitement, and all flavours in between.

You are neither too much or not enough.

There is nothing to prove.

You are safe to shine brightly.

We listen from the heart and respond authentically, with courage to share our truth.

We have compassion and patience with ourselves and each other as we navigate this new way of authentic self expression together.

We honour each others’ paths as sovereign, autonomous women, fully capable of making our own choices, and respect and honour each others’ journeys, even if they are different to our own.

Your freedom is no threat to me.

Your beauty is no threat to me.

Your magnificence is no threat to me.

The more you shine, the more we rise!

Together, we can birth a new reality with love and truth at the core.

To truly support, honour and celebrate one another.


Our sexual energy has been suppressed, distorted and shut down within this culture of control, and it’s time to reclaim the beauty and magic inside our bodies.

As part of our uprising, you are invited to join me in the Divine Mother Temple, a sacred space to nurture and awaken your divinity, sexuality and magic.

I would be honoured to have you join me if you’re feeling the call.

This is the doorway to your feminine intelligence and power to ‘birth’ your creations in the world.

You can also receive the free Divine Mother Temple guidebook below to find out more.

Watch out world, we are rising from the ashes and there’s NO stopping us this time!

Avalon xox

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