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Lotus Tea Ceremony Temple Vision

February 23, 20213 min read

On the weekend I attended a Blue Lotus tea ceremony as part of a lotus womb healing circle in my local area. 


I do womb work all the time, yet still felt drawn to this event to be held in this sacred space with local sisters, Freea Fontanella and Sian Whitewolf. Instead of facilitating, I could simply participate, receive and surrender to the process. And what a process it was!


I'm visionary and sensitive to entheogens (plant medicines) and the blue lotus is a mild psychoactive tea which is also relaxing and euphoric. After the tea ceremony, we did breathwork which is also highly activating, and my visionary abilities expanded so powerfully... what happened was so incredible I'm still integrating it, and will share some below.


For context, some of you may already know I'm founding a church in Australia for restoring women's wisdom and sovereignty, while restoring the village, supporting mothers and families while developing resilient, connected communities that can flourish. 


Ironically, churches have been used to suppress women's wisdom and disempower people... so we're totally flipping the script now! And using the church structure as a container to truly serve the people.


In the ceremony, I felt my whole being open to embody the energy of the church, the crystalline matrix of what I'm birthing, and saw layers of petals representing the different roles and positions different people play within the organisation. It was breathtakingly beautiful and organic in the level of cohesion, harmony, synergy and coordination I saw flowing out from the centre.


In the centre are the Temple Priestesses holding the frequency of divine love, deeply connected with the Earth and stars, in deep integrity in service to this movement. I also saw how these priestesses navigate the world, with some in roles literally as Temple Priestesses and ceremonialists, some as Sacred Feminine Mentors and some working in the community as Women's Empowerment Coaches. Each finding her role, knowing she is part of this movement yet adapting her skills and gifts to where they are needed, hence the different titles that are accessible to different sections of the community, from the mainstream right through to deep devotion with spirit.


I deepened into my role as Temple Priestess, knowing that the Sacred Feminine Way Facilitator Training is actually a Priestess Activation Circle of deep remembrance for women who are activating their power as visionary leaders in this movement - which I've always known, and the women involved know, but I haven't been saying this outside the circle...until now. Within this sacred circle, each woman is also mentored privately by me, clarifying and finding her role depending on where she naturally gravitates on her soul path and where her skills and services are needed.


I felt, saw and integrated a whole new vantage point of the big picture unfolding within me and around me, blown away at the beauty and expansiveness of what's unfolding. I can now feel the energy of the church in my cells, which is being translated in words into the living document that holds the energy of this sacred container.


It's so frickin epic... like my soul work activated next level. It's also hilarious, because the weekend before, I finally got to the last bits of sorting out my 20 years of obsessive research and studies. After constantly being surrounded by notebooks, folders and piles of paper, I've been systematically going through, collating, refining, decluttering, developing this Temple and Facilitator Training, and last weekend I literally completed this monumental mission where everything is finally filed away and labeled and I was like... ahhh some breathing space... then BAM next level vision, here we go!!


It's activation time



Avalon x


PS you can join my free Witchy Activation (or access the recording) HERE


PPS See more about the Sacred Feminine Way Facilitator Training aka Priestess Activation HERE


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Avalon Darnesh

Avalon guides women to trust their inner wisdom, activate their full power, do their soul work and shift the paradigm. We are the change makers.

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