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Birth has the potential to be the most profoundly loving, ecstatic celebration of your life.  Unfortunately, for most people it doesn’t happen that way.


There are specific things you can do to significantly increase your chances of having a beautiful birth, and I’m here to show you how.


Whether this is your first baby or you’ve birthed before, birth is a powerful rite-of-passage into motherhood. When embraced with full wisdom, awareness and preparation, each birth can take you more deeply into deeper levels of your feminine power as a woman and mother.


I have personally experienced delicious, ecstatic births, and weave my deep understanding of pregnancy and birth, combined with my Shamanic Midwifery and Wholistic Psychology wisdom into the Birth Blueprint Course. It’s open for enrollments now and you can see all about it HERE.

This journey guides you step-by-step to reclaim your feminine power and awaken your inner ecstatic birthing goddess! And you can do it all from the comfort of your own home.


I am confident that if you go through this course and really apply what you learn, doing the inner work and guided processes along the way, you will open up to the highest potential for your birth.


Birth can be a beautiful dance between you and your baby, and if you have a partner they can also join you in this deeply intimate, sensual experience.
Most people don’t even know this is possible!  This is not the sort of thing they teach you about in antenatal classes.


This is about opening your highest potential for your birth, to welcome your baby into your loving arms in an ecstatic celebration because YOU DID IT!


Whether you have birthed before, or if this is your first baby, in this course you will develop a deep understanding and trust of your body, and learn practical tools and techniques to allow your natural birthing energy to flow more freely so you can soften, open and expand as nature intended.


Even if you have birthed before and things went pear-shaped, there is a bonus session included to heal from past births so you can reclaim your confidence and power as a birthing goddess!


You can see all about it and join us HERE.


What’s in the course?


~ MODULE ONE – Reclaiming the Power of Pregnancy ~


1a. Expanding Your View of Birth

In this module you will learn how your mindset influences your birth, and see what has shaped your current views and beliefs, so you can experience a paradigm shift in your whole view of birth and open up to your highest potential for birth.


1b. Understanding Hormones & Emotions of Pregnancy

Pregnancy hormones catapult you into a heightened state of emotionality. Rather than dismissing these feelings, in this module you’ll learn how to honour yourself and use pregnancy as a powerful time to see what’s out of alignment in your life and how you can live more in alignment with your deeper truth.


1c. Honouring Your Boundaries & Reclaiming Your Personal Power

Having strong boundaries and learning to speak your truth with confidence is paramount to having an enjoyable pregnancy and birth.  In this session you’ll get clarity about what’s most important to you, and learn practical skills to communicate more effectively with the people around you.


1d. Nurturing Your Body, Mind and Spirit

Self care is essential during pregnancy, so in this session you’ll be inspired with wisdom and strategies to nourish yourself on all levels to prepare for your optimum birth experience.  This includes simple, essential exercises for strength and flexibility, daily practices and even how to relax in a way that encourages your baby to become positioned in the most comfortable way for birth.


~ MODULE 2 – Preparing for Sensual Birth ~


2a. Understanding Birth and How Your Body Works

Having a deeper understanding of the hormones and processes involved in birth, demystifies the process and gives you confidence and skills to work with your body so it can soften and open the way nature intended.  You will learn how your body works, what causes pain and blockages in your birth flow, and what supports you to open more easily and safely.


2b. Clearing Fears & Opening to Your Innate Birth Power

This session is an opportunity to shed light on the unconscious fears lurking beneath the surface in your energy field, which can cause complications in labour.  Rather than avoiding these issues, shining light on them allows you to shift and release that stuck energy so you can become a clear vessel for birthing energy to flow through you more easily. If you have unresolved feelings from past births, there is a Bonus module to help you release that, and if this is your first birth you will learn how to awaken your highest potential for birth, and how you can connect with and reassure your baby who is an active participant in birth too!


2c. Conscious Preparation and Creating Your Field of Birth

Birth is not just a random series of events based on luck and chance.  As with any natural process there is a level of mystery, however we can greatly increase our chances of a safe, healthy, beautiful birth by consciously creating our ‘Field of Birth’, which is an energetic field made of the thoughts, feelings and actions of all who are involved with the birth. In this session you will learn how to clarify and be discerning about the influences affecting your birth, including your place of birth and who is with you, and focus your energy toward creating a birth you truly desire.


2d. Practices to Prepare for Sensual Birth

This is cutting edge information and what takes your birth beyond just being ‘natural and fulfilling’ into the realms of transcendent and euphoric.  During my third pregnancy, I could not find any information that was specific and practical about sexual healing specifically for birth, so my partner and I pioneered some techniques that you will learn in this course.  My partner is a qualified Sexuality Coach, so you will learn some safe processes to release tension from your body, and expand your capacity for pleasure, to release resistance so you can surrender into birth as a deeply pleasurable, sensual, bonding experience to welcome new baby into the highest vibration of love.


~ MODULE 3 – Unleash Your Inner Ecstatic Birthing Goddess! ~


3a. Practical Tools for an Easier, Safer Birth


In this session, you’ll learn actual techniques to use during birth to allow your cervix to soften, your body to open and your baby to move through you more easily.  You’ll see a video of me demonstrating positions, sounds and movements that you can use in labour, to expand the tools available to you, so when your time comes you can feel confident to let go into the experience and trust your body and intuition to guide you.


3b. Birth as an Ecstatic Awakening


This is where we take it to the next level, and you’ll discover the secrets to expand your birth into the realms of ecstasy and euphoria, the highest peaks you can experience in your life.  This is NOT talked about in pre-natal classes!  You’ll also learn how to more easily manoeuvre your baby through for a gentle birth with the least risk of tearing or hemorrhage.


3c. Blissful Third Stage


The third stage is after baby has come out, and your placenta is born.  These first moments of your baby’s life are a highly sacred time to be approached with the greatest respect and reverence.  Not only for your baby’s optimum neural development and bonding, but also for a safe and easy delivery of the placenta. You’ll learn how to honour this time, and an ancient secret to minimize post-partum bleeding without the need for artificial drugs.


~ Module 4 – When Baby Arrives ~


4a. Honouring Your Baby Moon and Nurturing Your Self

Having a baby transforms your world.  The first weeks after baby arrives is a sacred time, called the ‘Fourth Stage’ of birth, as your baby is ‘landing’ in the world, and you are integrating into your new role as mother for this little being who has chosen you. In this session you’ll learn how to honour this first month and nurture yourself, and set up support systems to make this transition more smooth and easy for you and your family.  If you choose to have a Lotus Birth, you’ll enjoy the bonus session to learn all about this gentle practice.



4b. Emerging as Divine Mother

Whether this is your first baby, or you’ve birthed before, each birth takes you more deeply into embodying the mother you came here to be, and your heart bursts open beyond what you thought was possible.  In this session you will explore what being a mother means for you, so you can get clarity about your values and priorities to have the strength and confidence to nurture your baby in a way that YOU desire, in alignment with your truth, regardless of what other people are around you are saying.  This also expands on the skills you developed in module one to have strong boundaries to protect your birth bubble and do things your way.


4c. Intuitive, Aware Parenting and Meeting Your Baby’s Needs

Being open and sensitive, this is a prime time to tap into your own wisdom and instinctual nature as a mother. In this session you’ll learn how to be more present and responsive to your baby’s needs by understanding some of the underlying dynamics and developmental stages, and what to do when your baby cries.  You can deepen your connection with your baby even further by exploring Elimination Communication in the bonus section if this resonates with you. These early days of getting to know your baby can strengthen your lifelong bond and awaken your innate intuition to nurture your baby with joy and confidence.  It is my honour to support you awaken this deep trust and wisdom within yourself.


As you can see, this is a wholistic guide to preparing for your best birth ever! You can see more and join us HERE.


To make sure you have everything you need, you also receive these bonus modules as the icing on the cake:

  • Healing Past Births – to release fears and reclaim your power
  • Birthkeeper Secrets – for partners and support people
  • Lotus Birth – a step by step guide to this gentle process
  • EC Made Easy – a guide to meeting your baby’s toileting needs


If you want to go even deeper, there are also 2 Shamanic Journeys included:

  • Connect with your Power Animal for your Birth
  • Journey into your womb to connect with your baby and Inner Wisdom


And if you have no idea what they’re about, don’t worry! It will all become clear. I’m here to hold your hand through the whole journey. You also get personal connection with me and other sisters doing the course in our private facebook community for extra support on your journey.


I want to make sure you have everything you need to have a beautiful, sensual, empowering birth.


Do you have any questions?  Please simply email me and I’d love to answer them for you.


To your blossoming birth,

Avalon x


PS You can see all about the Birth Blueprint e-course and join us here:


In case you’re wondering about my first course called The Birth Blueprint, this is it with a new name!  This is a self-paced course you can do from the comfort of your own home, and you get lifetime access while the course exists, for future babies too!


If you’re feeling a ‘yes’, I’d love to share this journey with you!