This is an invitation…

…to awaken the love, beauty, divinity and magic inside you.



We are needed now, sister.

Our voices, our hearts, our wombs and our power.

The Goddess of Love is calling…

Do you hear the call?

Awakening Aphrodite is a self-paced online program, a cauldron of transformation for you to: deepen your relationship with your body temple, reconnect with the beauty of your sexual energy, and activate the creative power and magic of your womb.

“… the onset of Patriarchy didn’t kill the Goddess. She simply lay dormant underground in the darkness, growing roots. Really strong bloody roots, because she’s cyclic; and she knew that with every Great Forgetting, where women and their power are put in the dark, there had to come a Great Remembering. That Great Remembering is now.” ~ Lisa Lister

If you’re feeling depleted and overwhelmed, it’s time to nurture YOU and awaken the magic inside your body temple.

Your sexual energy is the gateway to your vitality and feminine power. 

Your womb holds keys to birth your dreams and visions into reality…

It’s time to remember the truth of who you are, sister.

All the times you were made wrong, told you were bad, shut down your feelings, didn’t listen to your body, or were dishonoured or disrespected, these all have an impact on your sexual energy flow.

When you’re not connected with your natural sexual energy, you feel:

  • tired, drained, overwhelmed, anxious, depressed and irritable
  • like something’s missing, but you can’t put your finger on it
  • stuck in a loop of self-destructive habits and patterns
  • pressure, anxiety and reluctance towards sex rather than relaxation, enjoyment and pleasure
  • disconnected from your beauty, radiance and magnetic power to birth your dreams into reality

When connected with your sexuality and womb power, you:

  • experience more energy, vitality and enthusiasm for life
  • are more present and responsive to the subtle energies within and around you in each moment
  • feel beautiful and relaxed in your body, with a sense of joy and lightness
  • find it easy to respond with love and find creative solutions to everyday challenges
  • easily and gracefully birth your visions into reality

Reconnecting with your sexual energy is vital and necessary to fulfil your highest potential.

This is not about anyone else. This is about YOU.

This is a solo journey, whether you are single or in a relationship.

It’s up to you whether you choose to share your sexuality with someone else, or simply tap into the beauty and magic for your own vitality and replenishment.

Awakening Aphrodite is a sacred cauldron of transformation.

As a bonus you will also receive: ‘Reclaim Your Sacred Blood’ a guided Initiation into Women’s Mysteries, a revisioning of your Menarche, your first Rite of Passage into womanhood.


And, the journey begins…

Module One: Honouring Your Divinity

  • We begin the journey by shifting gears out of your usual ways, and deepening into a devotional way of living.
  • This is a commitment to creating beauty and prioritising your self care as a new way of being.
  • You will be guided in a sensual activation process to awaken and heal your relationship with your body, and create a sacred space for your spiritual practice. This is no longer optional sister, this is your holy work to come into sacred relationship with your body temple.

Module Two: Embracing the Dark Mother

  • It’s time to speak up, speak out, be strong, be fierce. By voicing what’s been unsaid and honouring your pain, sacred anger and rage, this frees up suppressed energy so you can access the depths of your passion and vitality.
  • This week is about honouring all the parts of you, both dark and light and creating strong, powerful boundaries as a sacred container for you to flourish into your divinity and wholeness.
  • This includes a burning and clearing ritual to set yourself free from what has been holding you back.

Module Three: Embodying the Erotic Mother

  • This week is all about activating your sensual, beautiful, erotic nature and riding your bliss, sister!
  • It’s time to reclaim the purity and innocence of your sexual energy and come home to your true self.
  • This includes fun and playful practical activities to explore and embody the different aspects of your sexual energy, firstly to do alone. Then, if you wish, you can weave these parts of you into other areas of your life and relationships.

Module Four: Activating Your Womb Magic and Priestess Power

  • Your body is a gateway to divinity and magic, and this week we are activating the manifesting power of your womb temple!
  • You will learn a sex magic ritual, to do alone or partnered, to activate your intentions and visions with the power of your sexual energy.
  • As a Priestess walking the sacred feminine path, this week is also about integrating the journey and learning how to navigate your life from this place of power, embodying your love, pleasure and magnificence for Aphrodite to express herself through your body temple. It’s time, sister.

How is the program delivered?

When you join, you will receive your login details by email.

You will receive full access to the complete course online, which includes a mixture of videos, guided audios, journaling prompts and practical exercise/activities to embody the wisdom in your life.

BONUS: You also get access to 6 recorded calls where you can listen to real women sharing personal stories and getting coaching from me on issues that arise within the course. This is a valuable resource, brings it to life and you’ll know you’re not alone when you hear other women’s stories, challenges and breakthroughs which are reassuring and inspiring..

There is also a private facebook group to connect with me and other women in the course, to share and ask questions as you go, if you wish. This is a wonderful, supportive community with women at all different stages of the course.

Here’s how to join:

The doors are now closed. Email me on the button to enquire.

Who am I and why is this journey so important now?

I’m Avalon, a mother, Shamanic Midwife, Feminine Visionary and Teacher of Women’s Mysteries. I’m also a multiple-lifetime Witch and Priestess in service to the Goddess & Rising Feminine.

After rising from the ashes of my own abuse and suppression, I now support mothers (and all women) to reconnect with their sensuality and feminine power, and let go of the old story of being self-sacrificing, depleted and small.

NOW we are being called to rise and birth a new culture, as inspired leaders, connected with our hearts, honouring our bodies and showing our children a new way to be powerful in the world. It’s time.

It is actually challenging to find the words to describe the shift that occurred with Avalon’s most present and connected facilitation. To have someone so connected to Spirit, allowed me to do the same and have the transformational shifts that occurred. To FEEL that love, compassion & grounded energy was something I will never forget and I am calling it in on a daily basis to become the norm. Life changing and positively transformational is this work with Avalon. Words, simply cannot transfer the experience and impact it has had on my life. Thank you Avalon! ~ Hannah

What would you like to know?

When does it start?

The course is now closed. Please email me for enquiries.

How much time does it take?

Allow about 1 hour per module, which includes watching/listening/journaling. Then allow extra time for your practical activity/embodiment exercise which can take anything from 10 minutes to as long as you like! As this is a new way of being, you might find the edges blur between the ‘course’ and your ‘life’.

Can you tell me more about the Reclaim Your Sacred Blood initiation?

Yes. This is a guided audio to listen to, taking you on a journey to re-vision your menarche, or first bleed, and receive the wisdom from a circle of elders who welcome you into your power as a woman.

Why do we need to journey with a dark goddess?

In our culture, women’s anger and intense emotions have been largely unacceptable and women’s voices suppressed. When we suppress any uncomfortable feelings, we also block ourselves from accessing the depth of our passion. In truth, our emotions are not ‘dark’ but in this journey we are embracing the full range of human expression, to access the depth of your heart and soul, give voice to what’s been unsaid, and unlock the gateway to your deeper self.

Do I need to join the facebook group?

The facebook group is an optional safe space to share and connect with me and other women on this journey. If you’re not on facebook or don’t want to join the group, you will still receive everything you need via email.

Is there a time limit to do the course? How long do I have access to the course materials?

You will have long term access to the course materials, for as long as the course exists into the next year and probably beyond. I do recommend journeying with us at the same time if you can, because there is extra potency in sharing a collective journey experience together.

Do you have any other questions? Please feel free to email me on the contact form below.



Awakening Aphrodite is not a substitute for professional health care.
Accessing your sexual energy can give you access to great power, and open doorways into realms you have not explored yet. It can feel like a homecoming to your true self, giving you access to deeper layers of beauty, radiance and pleasure that you have been yearning to feel.
It can also feel unfamiliar, and bring to the surface raw feelings from past trauma, abuse, disrespect and disconnection. To a certain degree, most, if not all, women in our culture have been wounded and suppressed sexually. Whether this is from being raised and immersed in a culture of fear, shame and ignorance about sexuality and women’s bodies, or from direct experience of sexual abuse and anywhere in between, we all carry varying amounts of unresolved pain about our bodies and sexuality.
The #metoo movement highlights the extent of the abuse and disrespect.
Having grown up in a culture of suppression and avoidance, unblocking these energies can bring up a mixture of pain, sadness and grief, mixed in with the delight and relief of your ability to feel more of your beautiful self.
If you are struggling with unhealed sexual trauma or other issues, I advise you to take responsibility for your wellbeing and seek the support and care of a trusted friend, or book a private session with me or another competent professional.

“Our very essence as women is sensual aliveness. The hormones of motherhood are a gateway into deeper levels of sensuality and sexuality. Our multidimensional orgasmic nature wants to burst through us and expand into the universe! We are cosmic beings, walking between the Earth and sky. Bliss is our natural state. It can be subtle, like the warmth and love that flow through us when we cuddle our baby, to the glory of watching a beautiful sunset, the freshness of smelling cut grass after rain, and the ecstasy that can pour through us during a kundalini dance session or soulful lovemaking… the point is, these sensory experiences happen naturally when we are immersed in the present moment, and slow down for long enough to receive the beauty and wonder of the universe that surrounds us. When we remove the blocks to our natural energy flow, and truly surrender to the ‘now’, we become radiant, vibrant and magnetic.” from my free Guidebook “7 Keys to Awakening Your Sensuality – especially for mothers.” You can get your free copy HERE.

The doors are now closed. Email me on the button to enquire.