Hi, I’m Avalon.

I’m a mother, Shamanic Midwife, Feminine Visionary, Teacher of Women’s Mysteries and founder of Blossoming Woman, in service to the Goddess & Rising Feminine.

If you desire to embody your sensuality

Trust your feminine wisdom

Express your true self

Birth your magic

And blossom into your beautiful self

I would be honoured to serve you, sister.

There are 5 children in our blended family, we’re unschooling and I work from home… Before meeting my divine man, I was a single mama for 5 years after escaping an abusive relationship with the father of my first 2 children.

I’m a writer, speaker and mentor. I run women’s circles, online courses, retreats and 1:1 mentoring for soulful sisters. 

I love diving deep, exploring what really matters and rising into freedom.

I’m a multi-lifetime Witch, Priestess and Practitioner of the Feminine Devotional Arts.

I’m here to serve the wild ones, our rainbow tribe, soulful sisters and evolutionary activists.

We are birthing a new world together.

Together we rise.

If you’d like to stay connected, join the Blossoming Woman Tribe. You’ll also get my free guidebook:

‘7 Keys to Unlock Your Sensuality’

It’s especially for mothers.

How often will you hear from me? It’s all in the flow, baby! After experimenting between structure and flow, I have found that consistency is not about doing something at the same time every week, but showing up as your true self in each moment, and trusting your heart to guide you. So my commitment is that I will only share what feels inspiring and true, from my heart to yours.

I invite you to step into trust and join me!