Hi, I’m Avalon.

I empower soulful mothers with feminine wisdom in birth, motherhood, sensuality and soulful business

If you desire to rise up, connect with your heart, speak your truth and make a difference in the world, I’m so glad you’re here.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

I’ve been on a wild journey of love, challenges, abuse, lessons, single motherhood, shamanic healing and aligning with divine love. I now live with my man and our blended family with 5 children on the east coast of Australia, weaving my life experiences, lessons and skills to serve other women on this path of awakening.

I would be honoured to serve you, sister.

As a Shamanic Birthkeeper I ‘hold space’ for you to prepare for a beautiful birth, or birth new aspects of yourself and reclaim your feminine wisdom.

As your Mentor, I listen and give guidance, feedback and wisdom to help you get clarity and move forward in your life.

As your Soul Sister and Confidante, you can tell me anything you’ve been afraid to say out loud before, and trust it will be held in confidence so it can shift and you can become free. You will be honoured and supported in it all. Nothing you say can shock me… I’ve been to the depths and beyond…

As a Feminine Visionary, I am delighted to help you envision and co-create your beautiful life, and as a Sensual Embodiment Guide, I invite you to awaken your magic, beauty and sensuality.

As a Shamanic Business Mentor I support you to share your soulful gifts with the world so you can shine, make the difference you’re here to make, and live abundantly.

As a woman and mother, dancing between domesticity and freedom, I get it. Whatever you need, I am right here with you, listening, guiding and supporting you to trust your inner wisdom, while sharing my intuitive insights and encouraging you to rise into more love, freedom, power and leadership in every area of your life.

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I love seeing women stepping into their freedom and power.

I love talking about the juicy stuff that really matters.

I love serving the wild ones, the rainbow tribe, the soulful sisters and evolutionary activists!

I’m excited about this transition as we birth a new world together!

We need each other.

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It’s especially for mothers.

How often will you hear from me? It’s all in the flow, baby! After experimenting between structure and flow, I have found that consistency is not about doing something at the same time every week, but showing up as your true self in each moment, and trusting your heart to guide you. So my commitment is that I will only share what feels inspiring and true, from my heart to yours.

I invite you to step into trust and join me!