Hi, I’m Avalon.

I’m here to help you connect with the magic, wisdom and power that’s already inside you.

I believe mothers in our loving power can change the world. We are at the cutting edge of evolution, birthing a new reality as we raise the next generation.

Together we rise. I would be honoured to serve you, sister.

I’m a Feminine Visionary, Shamanic Birthkeeper and Teacher of Women’s Mysteries, with a background in Wholistic Psychology and Counselling, so I’m well skilled to facilitate growth, healing and transformation.

I’m also a CircleKeeper, Writer, Speaker and unschooling mama in service to the goddess & rising feminine.

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Over a decade ago I left an abusive relationship and became a single mum to 2 girls. After that, I went on an intensive healing journey to find myself, while learning skills to support others. I studied Counselling, Wholistic Psychology, Shamanic Midwifery, Psych-K, Orion Theta Healing, Holotropic Breathwork, Past Life Regression and other healing modalities to gain an in depth understanding of human behaviour and consciousness, while unravelling my old patterns and unlocking the wisdom in my own heart.

Eventually, I attracted a divine man with 2 of his own children, and we got together and had a lovechild (my orgasmic birth story went viral and you can read it here) and we unschool our 5 children, while I support mothers like you to reclaim your feminine power and birth your magic into the world!

I run women’s circles, online and in real life, and do 1:1 private mentoring.

I love diving deep, exploring what really matters and rising into freedom.

I’m here to serve the wild ones, rainbow tribe, soulful sisters and evolutionary activists.

Together we rise. Let’s make some magic, sister!

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How often will you hear from me? It’s all in the flow, baby! After experimenting between structure and flow, I have found that consistency is not about doing something at the same time every week, but showing up as your true self in each moment, and trusting your heart to guide you. So my commitment is that I will only share what feels inspiring and true, from my heart to yours.

I invite you to step into trust and join me!