Today I am declaring some new intentions and invite you to reflect, tune in and do the same in your life. As a mother, it can seem ‘hard’ to find 10 minutes for yourself, so​ let’s do this together. We are literally at the forefront of birthing a new world together and dilly-dallying with a sense of ‘one day’ is no longer an option…

These here are exciting times, as you probably already feel and I’ll do my best to explain…

We are going through an evolutionary leap right now. We literally have a foot in 2 worlds with simultaneous realities operating and coexisting at once. We are shifting from the denser 3D paradigm of duality, struggle, conflict, lessons and suffering (then through the 4D astral/emotional realms), and into the 5D realms of Unity Consciousness.

Unity consciousness is available to you now, as it always has been, although now the doorway is wide open and many are stepping through. It’s a state of inner peace, trust, acceptance, bliss and oneness with all. 

Do you remember a time when you felt like everything was okay, with a sense of oneness, unity and deep presence? This might happen after some deep breathing, yoga, meditation, or perhaps while looking into the eyes of a newborn baby, watching dolphins playing, or gazing in wonder at a magnificent sunset.

In these moments, there is no struggle, nothing to fix, nothing to change, just a deep invitation to experience the beauty of being alive.

This unity and oneness of 5th Dimensional consciousness is available to us in any moment.

Our challenge is that we have been conditioned and immersed within the denser realms of struggle and suffering, which is still very prevalent when we look around, and it can seem difficult and virtually impossible to access the realms of unity, oneness and bliss from that place.

Learning through limitation has been an evolutionary stage we’ve needed to go through as we explore love and everything that isn’t love. And, goshdarnit, we’ve certainly dived deeply into the darkness as a collective!

It’s become so dark there are some places I don’t even want to look anymore…

Now, however, we are in the transition out of a 26,000 year cycle exploring duality and darkness, and into a new 26,000 year cycle of light and wholeness, the ‘Age of Aquarius’ … like the 60’s hippies sang about, which doesn’t happen overnight, like in 2012 as the ancients prophesied. We are currently right smack bang in this shift between worlds.

The irony is, by elevating ourselves out of the struggle and into the realms of oneness, this does not deny the other realms but gives us access to creative solutions and co-intelligence needed to integrate the separated and imbalanced parts into wholeness. This is where miracles happen.

The struggle inside ourselves is real, but if we continue to try and find solutions to our dilemmas from a place of limitation and scarcity, we just perpetuate the same ol’ same ol’… know the feeling?

Like Einstein said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Or something like that…

Consciously accessing and nurturing your 5th Dimensional self is the key to integration and wholeness so you can walk with grace and harmony and be part of this wave of evolution sweeping the planet.

Well… it’s not like you can avoid evolution, because everything is interconnected… and there is scientific evidence that the electromagnetic field of Earth is rising in vibration as measured by the Schummann Resonances which have been having some awesome peaks this year! And dimensions are physics. It’s all about vibration. The lower the vibration, the denser the energy, the lower the dimension. And of course, the higher the vibration, the lighter the energy, the higher the dimension. So we can coexist in 3D physical reality while also resonating with 5D consciousness, which is more luminous. Right? This whole prophecy about Ascension is simply embodying higher and lighter frequencies of light in ourselves, which shifts our consciousness to be aligned with more light and love. And my understanding of this is still evolving…

So, in a nutshell: The Earth is evolving and we either evolve or die, to be blunt. The exciting thing is, evolution is actually NOT THAT HARD! It’s easier than trying to cling onto old, outdated ways of thinking… it’s NATURE, it’s written into our DNA… it’s our cosmic blueprint when we ALLOW ourselves to be present to what is and make conscious choices coming from LOVE rather than FEAR.

We see everything being shaken up and corruption being revealed around the world which can be disorientating and unsettling, which is why it’s even more important for us edge-travelling-consciousness-dwellers to get our fucking shit together and shine the light for others to find their way out of the darkness.

Which means, moving out of the darkness ourselves, remembering our LIGHT and BEING the change.

The good news is: Part of you already knows this. This is why you are here now, reading this.  You’ve been preparing for lifetimes for this. You might just need a little reminding and guidance… to re-member who you are and what you’re here for.

Now, the big question is, “HOW?”

And this, beloved sister, is exactly what I’ve been journeying with recently, which has accelerated over the past few weeks with layers of wisdom, clarity and guidance dropping in… which will eventually be offered through the Blossoming Woman Temple, an online portal for Feminine Arts, to deepen into your Divine Self with Devotional Living Tools, Priestess Wisdom Activation and Sensual Embodiment Practices to become a fully expressed, empowered, sovereign woman walking your path in beauty. I am super excited about this and also trusting in the timing and will be sure to let you know when the Temple Doors are open!

Practical Actions you can take NOW

If you’ve been connected with me for a while, you’d know I like to find a balance between consciousness and form, and to return to simple, practical actions we can take in daily life to make real changes, not just a flashy-woo-woo-pie-in-the-sky concept.

For now, identifying the difference between struggle and flow is becoming easier than ever before.

Notice how you feel within yourself, any time you think of it. Do you feel stressed, agitated, anxious, depressed or somehow out of balance?

If so, here are 2 tools to return to oneness:

One is a simple breathing technique to switch off your fear-based primal brain, and reset your parasympathetic nervous system so you feel relaxed and safe in the world. Breathe in through your nose deeply for 4, hold for 4, and breathe out slowly through your mouth for 7, as if blowing gently through a straw. Do this 3 times in a row. You’ll feel more relaxed, present, aware and able to make choices from a more connected space.

Secondly, the Violet Flame exercise. There are variations of this out there, and here is my simple one. Any time you feel your energy drop or notice you are out of alignment in any way, simply close your eyes and imagine a violet flame pop up inside your heart like a pilot light. It’s violet-pinkish, luminous and loving. Allow it to spread it’s violet loving light through your whole energy field instantly. I use my breathe to spread it through my whole being in a few seconds. Add a silver ray of grace to make it instant and effortless, and hey bingo presto – 5D unity consciousness.

It’s so easy, there is no struggle.