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Here are the 3 main visions I have received in various journeys over the past 7 years, and I’m sharing because they are all coming into reality at the moment and I’m SO excited… The sisters are hearing the call and it’s kinda blowing my mind so I’m breathing deeply to allow what’s unfolding.

I just went on another shamanic drum journey this morning to ground myself and get some wise guidance about next steps to keep it real and not spin out about what’s happening because it feels so epic I can’t even fully grasp it… okay here goes… I’ll do my best to keep it in a nutshell for you…

Before I begin, I’ve been on LOTS of Shamanic Journeys, and these are the main significant messages that have come through and are materialising now:

ONE: On my first Vision Quest during my Shamanic Midwifery training, out in the bush with no food solo for a few days to call for a vision for my life, I received the words ‘Blossoming Woman’ and that my purpose is to assist mothers in the shift to move out of the old patterns of isolation, limitation and struggle, and into love, connection, harmony and beauty, because we are raising the next generation at the cutting edge of evolution.

I listened, took inspired action, and within a few weeks of that, I established my Blossoming Woman business and immediately wove those teachings, and my earlier studies and insights, into mentoring and online courses and the tribe has been growing ever since.

TWO: In a powerful shamanic plant medicine circle 4 years ago, I received the message and confirmation that I am perfectly on track with this mission, along with a vision of women emerging from the earth, intertwined with vines and flowers, and that my upgraded mission was to remind women that we are the ‘flowers of the earth’ and to return to natural, plant-based wisdom and earth-focused solutions to all issues – personal, health, family, environment, global and REMEMBER the wisdom we already have inside us, and that we have the ability to heal EVERYTHING.

THREE: At Easter last year, in a ceremonial medicine circle on my last days of being 40, I received a vision that mothers are metaphorically Queen Bees of our Hives and that by coming into harmonic resonance within our own hearts and wombs, this energy grid of harmony extends to include our families, and then to our communities and spreads to the globe, and we become visionaries and leaders to birth the new ways of love, harmony, wellness and beauty on the planet, as the old, dense paradigms are crumbling. I was also told I am a voice for Divine Mother, and that she is speaking through me as I walk my path in service to this mission.

Fast forward to NOW. Over the years, I have become more and more open to being still within and allowing Divine Mother to speak through me. I received a message to birth the Divine Mother Temple, an online, sacred space where women can gather, replenish, share our magic and attune to the wisdom in our hearts and wombs, and REMEMBER WHO WE ARE as Priestesses, Shamans, Witches, Medicine Women and Visionaries. Working with specific Divine Mother Archetypes, I started energetically calling the women in who are feeling aligned with this vision, then yesterday I actually put the word out and have been literally flooded with so much divine feminine wisdom and magical women who are SO READY for this and feeling the call so strongly. SO… I don’t know where this is heading, but I FEEL such depth of GRATITUDE for the guidance I am receiving. I am here as a vessel for the divine to flow through, I am open, I am listening and I am SO FUCKING EXCITED about the transformative shifts HAPPENING NOW on planet Earth IN OUR LIFETIME.

WOW. Do you feel this? Holy fucking shitballs this is so exciting I am almost levitating into ecstatic bliss and the visions keep expanding.

And I can truly say: The Goddess made me do it!!

Together we are rising!

EDIT: And this morning, on my Shamanic Journey I was told to call in a ‘High Council’ for the Divine Mother Temple, and they already know who they are so they will step forward and make themselves known… and this is tripping me out because I’ve been such a solo traveller so far, and suddenly, stepping into this ‘2’ year is catapulting me beyond my comfort zone into true sisterhood and collaboration, so I’m in a space of needing to recalibrate and expand myself to what’s coming through. If anyone has any burning shares arising in response to this, please let me know! I am merely the vessel here… GUIDE ME, Great Mother.

If you feel called to be a part of this, let’s stay connected! You can join the free ‘Blossoming Woman Tribe’ member area below or send me an email, and I’ll keep you updated as the Divine Mother Temple evolves… Love, Avalon x

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