Are you a multi-dimensional mother, raising new souls coming onto the planet, and being stretched beyond your own edges in the process?

I’m so glad you’re here! I’m Avalon and I support mothers like you to reclaim your wisdom, beauty and power.

It’s time for us to rise, sister.

 If you are being called to move beyond the conditioning of our modern culture and rise as divine mother, to embody more love, connection and pleasure in your life, let’s connect! I would be honoured to serve you.

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A bit more about me…

I love exploring intimate issues like birth, sex, motherhood, transformation, business and life purpose, so you can come into alignment with your true self, and activate your highest vision for your life. I’m a Temple Keeper, Shamanic Midwife and Teacher of Women’s Mysteries, with a background in Wholistic Psychology and Counselling and would be honoured to serve you, sister.

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I run women’s circles and gatherings and am honoured to be The Divine Mother Temple Keeper.

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The Divine Mother Temple is a sacred space to deepen your connection with earth wisdom & women’s mysteries, and remember the truth of who you are.