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Shake off the shackles of the past and awaken your radiant self as a woman and mother! I’m Avalon, a Shamanic Birthkeeper, Writer, Coach and Mentor. I work with awakening mothers who desire to live a more beautiful life. I specialise in sensual birth – not just babies, but birthing new aspects of yourself in life, love, sexuality and business. I believe that mothers in our loving power can change the world. Enjoy my little video and have a look around. I’m glad we’ve connected.

Soul Story Shaper Interview with Anna Feldman

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Oil Pulling VIDEO

What's better than a green smoothie in the morning? Oil pulling of course! See more on my video below...
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facebook addiction

Aah good ol’ facebook…. It was the best of times, and it was the worst of times… I look forward to sharing my facebook video with you soon!
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Spin out and get your chakras pumping with the 5 Tibetans!

It's time to get your chakras pumping, baby!  After seeing how easy it is, you have NO EXCUSES not to be fit, and vibrant and FLOWING with energy!
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How to make Sexy Sauerkraut

[et_pb_section][et_pb_row] Learn how to make Sexy Sauerkraut in my new video, below.  Enjoy! [et_pb_row]
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Live Your Life Your Way VIDEO

[et_pb_section][et_pb_row][et_pb_row] Live your life your way...with all the different flavours of femininity that want to flow through you!
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Safety to Express Our True Selves

Being soulful women on unique journeys, we each have our own gifts, challenges and worldviews. The voice of the feminine has been suppressed for generations, so having a safe space to share openly without fear or judgement, is integral for us to learn, grow, and rise...
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Releasing Sexual Suppression

I've been on a deep detox cleanse for over 3 weeks, and haven't eaten for 4 days so feeling super sensitive and fragile. Last night I was in bed with my amazing man, and we enjoyed a deep rich conversation about our life, our home, our children and ways we can support...
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The Sensuality of Motherhood Introduction

Our sensuality as women is beautiful and natural, yet at the same time multi-layered, fragile and complex. In my upcoming book we will explore these layers and stages of our emerging sexuality, and the factors that influence, hamper and enhance this area of our lives....
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Cycles of Time and Free Flow Planner

Over the years, especially since becoming a mother, I've had a borderline obsession with time, and a desire to use it wisely. Motherhood suddenly threw me into a place where time was no longer my own. I had no idea before that, just frittering away days and nights...
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On breaking old patterns… and honouring my cycle.

I noticed an old pattern showing up last night. I'd been ignoring the whispers from my soul asking me to 'slow down'. I was up late, pushing to prepare a new program ready for launch and getting ready for a webinar coming up soon. My body didn't want to be at the...
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How to release limiting beliefs

One of our wild sisters asked a question today, about how to release limiting beliefs. Setting ourselves free to flourish into our potential is a wonderful way to start a fresh new week…so I thought, I’d share it with you too!   Firstly, what are limiting...
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