Together we rise, sister!

If you’ve been burned before, in this or any other lifetime, you can release all vows and curses from all timelines-space-dimensions and realities.

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This is about reclaiming your SOVEREIGN SELF and releasing all that’s holding you back from your spirit flowing freely.

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Who am I?

I’m Avalon, a mother, Shamanic Midwife, Feminine Visionary, Teacher of Women’s Mysteries and founder of Blossoming Woman… I’m also a multiple-lifetime Witch, Priestess and Practitioner of the Feminine Arts… in service to the Goddess & Rising Feminine

What vows may you have taken?

Over lifetimes, or earlier in this life, you may have consciously or unconsciously made vows such as:

Vows of chastity, poverty, vowing never to speak your truth if you have been killed for it, vowing not to share your magic because it’s too dangerous, vows to not be seen, vows to obey others, vows to stay quiet… vows that limit your spirit’s expression in any way.

How does clearing vows and curses help?

Releasing these vows can free up your energy from any old agreements and curses across all timelines and dimensions, so you can choose where to focus your energy and reclaim your full power.

If you feel stuck, afraid, confused, like you can’t move forward, like it’s not safe to be seen… these can all relate to past vows.

I would love to share this process with you!

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Would you like to know more?

Q: What will you receive for the Vow and Curse Clearing?

A: If you sign up, you will receive a written PDF document explaining the process in detail, an audio guided process, and an invitation to join me in an optional live group call.

Q: How do you do the Vow and Curse Clearing?

A: By speaking aloud. You will be given a script. Read it through first to make sure it all resonates with you. It starts with a simple energy clearing, an invocation to align with light, then a ‘repeat after me’ line by line of what you are clearing. You can do this alone or with others. Even if you are with others, you are speaking for yourself, and each person speaks for themselves.
After releasing the vows and curses, we will fill all the spaces with divine love.

Q. Can you do the Vow and Curse Clearing for me?

A. No. You are fully capable of doing it yourself. This is about being empowered and stepping into your sovereignty and being masterful with your own voice and energy field. No one can do this for you, unless you both make an agreement that they speak for you. I recommend stepping into your power and doing it yourself. You are welcome to book a private session with me for more support, or to do it with me if you wish.

Q. What sort of vows might you have taken?

Depending on your culture, religion and beliefs in this or past lifetimes, you may have taken vows of chastity, poverty, invisibility, silence, servitude, to not speak your truth, to not be in your power, loyalty to a particular institution, etc.

You may have made promises or agreements yourself, or imposed upon you by others, for example a parent. ie “Promise me you will ….”
You may have made internal agreements with yourself that it’s not safe to be truthful, or it’s easier not to speak up, or you hate all men, or you aren’t safe in the world, or you may have bound yourself to a past lover… there are so many agreements and promises we may have made throughout our lifetime/s.

Q. What if there are vows you want to keep?

A: You are free to commit to anything you like! This Vow and Curse Clearing process clears away things that are limiting or blocking your energy from flowing freely. If there are any parts of the Vow and Curse Clearing you are not comfortable with, simply leave them out of your process and don’t say them aloud. If there are any vows or promises you’d like to make, do them with intent.
For example, I am personally comfortable making a vow like, “I commit myself to the path of the Goddess for the highest good of all.” Consider if there’s anything you’d like to commit to.

Q: What about curses? What sort of curses are we clearing?

A: To simplify, we are clearing any curses affecting you and your relations in all dimensions, timelines, space and realities. This could be curses placed upon you, or curses you have placed upon others. I recommend doing this so you have a clean slate. Curses can lock you and others in fear and limitation.

Q: How will you know if it works?

A: See how you feel afterwards. The effectiveness is directly related to your focus and strength of intention and power in your words. When speaking aloud with focused intent, especially if you visualise all vows and curses being dissolved and returned to light, the process is effective and you will feel lighter afterwards.

Q: Can you do it more than once?

A: Yes, there is no harm in doing it again. When I first did it, I repeated it each day for a few days afterwards for reinforcement! Trust yourself and do what feels aligned and supportive for you. Once in a while I run through all the energetic clearing processes and frequently use other activation tools I can share with you another time.

Q: Is there anything special you need to do afterwards?

A: It’s up to you. You might like to have a shower, or dance, or go for a walk, or journal. You may feel lighter, freer and more energetic. Alternatively, you might feel tired and need to rest. Listen to your body and let it be your guide.

Q: Is there anything you need to do to prepare yourself beforehand?

A: Nothing is essential. Make sure you are in a place where you can confidently speak aloud. You might like to clear your space, or be somewhere in nature, or have a shower. You might like to use sage or palo santo to clear the energy of your space. You might like to light a candle. You might like to burn some incense or use essential oils. Do whatever feels uplifting and supportive for you to enter a ritual space. You might like to have a bath and dress up as a Goddess. Do what feels good and true for you. Or just show up and simply do it.

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