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In the free ‘Blossoming Woman Tribe’ membership area, you will receive:

  • Deep Rest – guided 20 minute practice
  • Reclaim Your Sacred Blood Initiation into Women’s Mysteries
  • Divine Mother Visioning Guide and Priestess Plan for 2018
  • Womb Activation Session
  • Guidebook for Running Women’s Circles
  • Vow and Curse Clearing Process
  • Webinar replay: How to Get Shit Done and Be Present to Your Kids
  • Reclaiming Women’s Wisdom – Honouring your cycles guidebook
  • 7 Keys to Unlock Your Sensuality for mothers
  • How to Get Shit Done AND Be Present for Your Kids
  • How to make Crystal Grids to amplify your intentions
  • Inner Light Meditation

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In the free member area, you will have access to:

Deep Rest – Guided Practice

If you feel exhausted, emotional, ruffled up, agitated… or just want to feel a deep sense of peace, take 20 minutes to enjoy this deeply replenishing practice. This type of relaxation is much deeper than sitting on the couch, much deeper than having a little nana-nap. While those things are relaxing, this is a whole different level of rest. Try it for yourself.

Reclaim Your Sacred Blood – Initiation into Women’s Mysteries

This is a guided process to re-vision your menarche (first period) and be welcomed into womanhood. It includes:

  • information and a guided audio journey to reclaim the sacredness of your first bleed
  • a moontime meditation to listen to while bleeding, or during the dark moon

Womb Activation Session

Your womb is the gateway to your creative feminine power! In this session be guided to deeply connect with your womb consciousness and the web of womb energy that connects you directly with the earth and all living beings. It includes an introduction video and guided session.

CircleKeeper Guidebook – guide to running women’s circles

This guide covers how to run women’s circles and red tents, from casual to ceremonial. Learn the important elements of holding sacred space, and also other ways to connect with women in your local area, like support networks and how to run ‘Power Mama’ blitzes. This is all about creating community and deepening into a network of women who can listen, care and support each other.

Vow and Curse Clearing

If you’ve been burned before, in this or any other lifetime, you can release all vows and curses from all timelines-space-dimensions and realities. This is about reclaiming your SOVEREIGN SELF and releasing all that’s holding you back from your spirit flowing freely.

How to Get Shit Done AND Be Present to Your Kids

Are you wondering how the heck to get anything done with your kids at home?? I’ve been homeschooling 5 kids and running a business from home for years, so in this online workshop you’ll learn tips and tools to get stuff done for each age and stage of childhood. Not only that, you’ll learn to meet your children’s needs BETTER than before by understanding their true needs, so everyone’s happy! Dive in!

Reclaiming Women’s Wisdom – Honouring the phases of your cycle

In this PDF booklet, learn how to reconnect with your own unique cycle and how this can transform your health, wellbeing and energy levels. Understand the phases of your menstrual cycle, the challenges and gifts at each stage, self care practices and business activities suitable for each stage so you can have more ease and flow in your life.

7 Keys to Unlock Your Sensuality – especially for mothers

In this guidebook, learn the 7 essential keys to experience more energy and vitality, be more grounded and responsive to the subtle dynamics within you and around you. Awaken more pleasure in your body, listen more deeply to your soul’s guidance and learn to stay loving and present for your children too.

Inner Light Meditation

You can do this beautiful 4-minute guided process in the morning, or any time you would like to expand into more love and light in your life.

How to make Crystal Grids

This is a simple guide to learn how to set up a spherical crystal grid to amplify your intentions for anything that matters in your life. Whether it’s for a project, your health, your home, a relationship, an offering, launch, event or more, you can set up a crystal grid to call upon the energies you wish to infuse into the energetic realms of what you are creating. I have been using this with great success in all my endeavours since I learned about it. It really works!

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