The Blossoming Woman Inner Circle is all about connection, sisterhood and evolution.

If you look at what’s happening in the world, big changes need to happen.

We live in turbulent times, which can be messy and confusing.

Now more than ever, I don’t want to be distracted from my mission, my path, my connection with the earth, my body, my family, and this path of feminine leadership.

We need less screen time, and more nature time. Less isolation and more real-life connection.

Isolated we can only do so much. Together we can do much more.

We are being called to rise, sister.

Rather than being disheartened and distracted by outside forces,

I invite you to ground your roots more deeply in the earth and join me in the Inner Circle.

What is The Blossoming Woman Inner Circle?

It’s about BEING the change in your own life, and inspiring others too.


As a member of the Inner Circle you’ll receive:

  • tools, resources and guidance to rise into feminine leadership in your heart, home and community.
  • emails at each New and Full Moon, with themes and inspiration to weave into your personal life and community.
  • a monthly group online mentoring call for CircleKeepers, for support and inspiration.

Devotional Living and Circlekeeper Resources:

  • The CircleKeeper Guidebook – a complete guide to running women’s circles and gatherings.
  • A heart connection meditation (5 minutes long) for self-connection.
  • Ideas to create your own simple daily devotional practice for conscious living.
  • Filling your cup first is essential to be grounded and clear.

Womb Healing and Reclaim Your Sacred Blood:

  • Womb Healing – ‘Reclaim Your Sacred Blood’ guided process to revision your menarche, your initiation into women’s mysteries.
  • A womb connection meditation and practices to connect with your menstrual cycle.
  • You will also be empowered to facilitate these deeper conversations with the women in your community. Women are craving this reconnection with our body’s wisdom, which is neglected in modern culture.

Shamanic Journeys:

  • receive Shamanic Journeys: Lower Realm to Meet your Power Animal, and Upper Realm to meet your Guide/Teacher
  • develop a soulful relationship with these ones, for guidance and support any time you need it
  • learn how to weave these messages from spirit into your gatherings

All my webinars will be added to the Inner Circle soon.

Along the way:

  • You get direct access to support, mentoring and guidance from me and our collective of sisters in our monthly online circle.
  • I am gathering resources and wisdom from each of our Circle Sisters, as we are all students and all teachers on this spiritual path, so you can pick and choose what resonates with you and gather your own practices and tools to share with your communities.
  • You will gain confidence, skills and ideas to facilitate women’s circles and gatherings in your local area.
  • extra tools resources to help you running gatherings.

Please note: There is no facebook group. Our monthly online circle is a richer, more direct way to connect and receive support. I encourage you to step back from facebook and reclaim your headspace. You can email me your questions/requests/suggestions for discussion at our our monthly online circle. You can also arrange a quick free phone/skype chat with me, or book a private session with me for personal 1:1 guidance if you need that.

The inner circle is a sacred container from which you can grow strong and branch out from.

We are the CircleKeepers. This is a place for you to refuel, connect in, grow and evolve.

How do I join?

Hi I’m Avalon.

I am a Multidimensional Mother of 5, Shamanic Birthkeeper and Feminine Visionary, inspiring soulful women to unlock your inner wisdom and birth new realities in your heart, home and community.

I’m here to share anything I can to support you to rise into your power in your community. I don’t want to claim ownership. For me, the whole point is about sharing. Anything I share with you in the Inner Circle, I encourage you to use it if you feel inspired to, to weave it in to whatever you’re doing out there. I also encourage you to support other women to rise into their potential. It’s about connection and sharing wisdom and resources. If you have anything you want to share with me, I’d love to receive it so I can share it with our community. We are all teachers and we are all students. Together we rise, sister!

Who is the Inner Circle for?

It’s for you if you:

  • desire to feel more connected with spirit and the moon cycles in your life.
  • would like to trust your feminine wisdom
  • are curious about running women’s circles, or already run them and would like some support
  • would like the confidence to reach out to other women and support each other
  • are rising into feminine leadership in your heart, home and community.



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