The Divine Mother Temple

is a space to nurture you.


Mothers are isolated, depleted and overwhelmed.

In the Temple, be guided to

Remember the truth of who you are.


Align with the wisdom of nature.


Trust yourself rather than feeling ‘behind’.


The Temple rhythm aligns with the moon cycles, with 3 weeks on and 1 week off for ‘integration’ every month.


Weekly topics include:

Sensual Embodiment:

  • Body Love & Self Care
  • Womb Wisdom and Women’s Mysteries
  • Rites of Passage
  • Feminine/Masculine Healing & Sacred Union
  • Sexuality, Pleasure and Divinity

Devotional Living:

  • How you spend your time
  • Earth Connection, Rhythms, Nature
  • Money, choices, projects, interests
  • Tend Your Temple – Home Love
  • Seasonal Celebrations & Community

Self Expression:

  • Voice, Visibility, Message – being seen
  • Vision, Purpose, Gifts
  • Creativity, Projects, Contribution
  • Vulnerability, Authentic Communication, Conflict Resolution
  • Relationships, Family and Culture

Week 4 ‘Integration’ is a chance to rest, review and reflect on the past month, and consciously release what you don’t want to carry into the next cycle. 

As a member of the Divine Mother Temple, you will receive:

  • your Magic Monday Message with inspiration, guidance and theme for the week
  • a weekly online women’s circle (3 per month)
  • access to the Divine Mother Temple membership area, with new offerings added monthly

You also receive support and resources to connect with women in your local area and find your tribe.


In the Temple membership area, you will find:

  • Guided journeys, meditations and visualisations
  • ‘Temple Transmissions’ teachings and lessons
  • Rites of Passage, Shamanic Journeys and Rituals
  • Templates, Resources and Guidance for living a beautiful life

Meet your Temple Keeper

Hi, I’m Avalon.

I’m a Feminine Visionary, Mentor and Shamanic Business Midwife, here to shift the culture of motherhood so we can move out of struggle and limitation and into a more beautiful life of love, connection and abundance.

My life changed when I gave birth to my first daughter in 2002. I walk my path in service to the sacred feminine. With a background in Counselling, Ritual and Wholistic Psychology, I weave the practical with the mystical for transformation and lasting change.

Here's how to join:

In the Temple, you also have access to a growing library of wisdom and offerings, including:

Sacred Self Care with Star Despres

Star is a Women’s Empowerment Mentor focusing on Sacred Self Care and Feminine Embodiment. She is also a Feminine Yoga Teacher and Teacher Trainer specialising in -Women’s Health, Womb Awakening, Restorative Practices and Mindfulness.

Weaving Spiritual Practice into Motherhood with Sarah Jane Perman

Sarah-Jane is a passionate and deeply authentic wisdom keeper and way shower (and mother), in service to the rise of the feminine and our planet Gaia. Her offering in the Temple includes a blissful guided journey to tune into spirit.

Expressing your feelings and emotional resilience with Anita Bentata

Anita is a Soul Centred Psychotherapist, Clinical Counsellor, Hypnotherapist, Supervisor, Integrative Health Coach, Restorative Exercise Specialist who specialises in empowering women who have been through domestic abuse.

Blood Mysteries with Sequoia Krop

Sequoia is a blood witch, shamanic craftswoman, priestess, writer and mother. In the Temple she shares wisdom about the blood mysteries, coming into a healthy relationship with your blood, and practices to honour your cycles, with a ‘Blood Prayers’ resource to honour your moontime.

Healing the Mother Imprints with Nicole Moore

Nicole, from Birth Into Being Australia, specialises in healing our ‘limbic imprint’, which are the basic nervous system patterns formed in early life. In this divine guided process, Nicole guides us deeply into an experience of being loved, nurtured and having our needs met. This is a deeply healing process we are blessed to receive in the Temple.

Earth Mother Healing process with Tara Skubella

Tara is a true ‘wild sister’ who has lived and slept belly to belly out in the woods to heal her relationship with nature. In her offering, she shares the suprising lessons she learned from her Earth connection experience, and guides us in a ‘root chakra’ process to connect more deeply with the Earth.

Earth Connection and Healing our Inner Child with Keren Hugget

Keren is an Intuitive Energy Healer with a shamanic flare, and an Awakening Education Consultant. Her offering inside the Temple includes inspiration and ideas to reclaim your own inner child, and fun activities and natural projects to do with children.

Earth ~ Cosmos movement meditation with Sam Willcox

Sam shares this 5-minute movement meditation practice for aligning yourself as a conduit for creative energy to flow between the Earth and the Cosmos. “Gather from the Earth and give to the sky, Receive from the universe and release to the Earth.”

Womb Yoga, and a Deep Rest practice with Chaitanya

Chaitanya specialises in helping women move towards Pelvic and Hormonal Wellbeing through the therapeutic practices of Yoga and Ayurveda. In the Temple, she shares a gentle 12-minute feminine yoga practice to help you connect with your womb, and a 20 minute deep rest practice that is more restorative than a power nap!

Sexuality after children with Shae Elise

Shae, from Mother of Desire, specialises in supporting mothers to reconnect with their sexuality after children arrive. She shares her wisdom and a guided practice to demystify post-birth sexuality, and help you feel more connected with your own erotic nature.

Healing our relationship with the Masculine with Myola Woods

Myola helps people reignite passion and intimacy, and in this offering she is specifically focusing on healing our relationship with the masculine, within us and around us. This moves us into deeper receptivity to have our needs met in relationships, and ease the conflict we experience with men.

Savvy Systems and Organisation with Claire Barton

Claire is a recovering perfectionist, and helps women be more efficient and productive with effective systems, tools and tips to stay organised and use time wisely. By organising ourselves better, we get to have more FUN and freedom too. Yes!

… and more to be added over the coming months.

What would you like to know?

What happens when I join?

As soon as you join, you can access the Temple straight away. You will also receive an email with more information, including access details and information about what’s ready for you in the Temple.

How much time is needed?

Each week you’ll receive a Magic Monday Message, with guidance and inspiration for the week.

New resources are added monthly, so you could devote an hour each week, sometimes more, sometimes less, and weave the wisdom into your daily life. This is about shifting into more alignment with your body and natural cycles, for a more spacious and relaxing lifestyle, which is much healthier and natural.

What is your refund policy?

There is a 7 day no-questions-asked simple refund policy, so just let me know within 7 days if you join and don’t want to stay.

How long is the Temple journey and am I locked into anything?

The Divine Mother Temple is a monthly membership journey, and you can leave at any time. There’s also an option to save $ if you join for longer upfront at a discounted rate.

Do you have any more questions?

Please EMAIL ME and I’ll be happy to answer them for you.

Here's how to join: