We are being called to

gather and come into more

alignment with the earth

and each other,

and vision a new way forwards.

The age of isolation

is coming to an end.


Together we rise, sister.

The Divine Mother Temple is an online sacred space

to deepen your connection with

earth wisdom & women’s mysteries

and remember the truth of who you are.


As dreamweavers and visionkeepers, we are being called

to rise into a new paradigm of feminine leadership

in our hearts, homes and communities.


Do you hear this call?

We are needed now, sister. 

Our magic, wisdom,

voice and power.

How does it work?

This is a global Temple online, so you can join us from the comfort of your own home from anywhere in the world, which is especially handy if you have children.

There are 6 gateways within the temple (see below) and we will journey into one gateway each month, taking time to embody the qualities in your own life, and awaken them within our collective ‘hive’.

There are Temple Sister contributors, sharing their wisdom and offerings each month to help you embody the qualities, and weave some simple practices into your life.


Here are the 6 gateways within the Temple:

Divine Mother

Honouring yourself, deep replenishment and devotional living

Dark Mother

Authentic self expression, speaking your truth, healthy boundaries & blood mysteries

Earth Mother

Connecting with the Earth & nature, healthy living & creating community.

Erotic Mother

Sensual embodiment, womb wisdom, sexual healing & priestess activation

Cosmic Mother

Activating your cosmic, multidimensional self to birth your visions into the world….

Savvy Mother

Creating the systems, structure and processes for your dreams and visions to flourish.

There is a Power Animal and Goddess to guide us each month, and Temple Sister contributors sharing their medicine, to amplify the magic and power of the sacred work we are doing.


Our collective visioning is SO magnetic and powerful.


In the Temple, you will also find:

The Welcome Lounge

With a guided tour, shamanic journeys, astrology and plant spirit readings for the Temple.

The Womb Room

With information, resources and journeys to connect with your womb and moon cycles, including a gentle Womb Yoga video.

The Meditation Garden

This is a space to relax and enjoy guided journeys to connect with your heart, body and expansive self.

Mothers* are at the cutting edge of evolution and we are being called to RISE as the Queens of our Hive. When the Queen Bee is fully aligned and integrated within herself, her entire hive comes into harmonic resonance. This can literally change the world, starting in our hearts and homes, and spreading into our communities, culture and the earth itself.

We hold the cosmic key, sisters!

It’s time.

*Mother relates to all women who are in a nurturing phase of life, whether you have children or not.

In the Temple we are also being guided and supported to:

Heal the Sacred Masculine

Heal our relationship with the sacred masculine within and around us.

Heal the Mother Wound

Heal the mother wound and not being ‘good enough’.

Heal the Sisterhood Wounds

…of judgment, comparison and competitiveness, and truly supporting each other instead.

Release sexual shame.

Release sexual shame and the taboos of bodies, beauty and pleasure

Release fear of persecution

Release fear of persecution for sharing our gifts.

Align with the earth

Shift our lifestyle to be more aligned with the earth and natural rhythms

In the Temple, there is spaciousness for you to digest and integrate the teachings, and still have lots of time for other things you need to do in life.

This is not about adding to your workload! It’s about supporting you to deepen into a more embodied, present state of awareness in your life.

From that place of clarity and connection, life becomes more beautiful and fulfilling, and you are more mindful about how you spend your time and energy.

The Divine Mother Temple – or DMT – is about activating our higher consciousness, while grounding this wisdom in our bodies, aligned with the earth and birthing new ways of being in our hearts, families and communities.
We’re releasing the old patterns that have been keeping us stuck, small, stressed and depleted for generations, and visioning a new way together.
It’s time.
The seeds have been planted, and we are being asked to complete the work we began long ago.
This time, without the fears of persecution. We don’t need to hide any more.
I trust you’ll know if you feel called to join us.

What do you receive as a Temple Sister?

With each New Moon, the next Temple Gateway opens, to journey with that aspect of Divine Mother in your life. This includes a video/audio introduction to this Archetype, and an offering/session from one of our Temple Prietesses who specialises in that area. You will receive practices to embody that archetype in your life.

There will be a group zoom call online every 2 weeks – a Full Moon activation and a dark moon gathering with 2 timezones offered each time, with replay available afterwards.

At the end of each month, there will be a ritual and guided process to complete that month, before stepping into the next gateway.

There is also a private facebook group to connect as we journey together. We are also experimenting with a ‘MeWe’ group as a quieter alternative to facebook. Both are optional.

The point of your Temple journey is to dive in, receive the wisdom, then step away from your computer and embody the practices in your real life. There will also be resources and inspiration to gather with sisters in real life, and create supportive networks at a grassroots level.

What would you like to know?

How long will the Temple doors be open for?

The Temple Doors are about to close… you can join us if you’re quick.

What happens when I join?

As soon as you join, you can access the Temple straight away. You will also receive an email with more information, including access details and information about what’s ready for you in the Temple.

What’s already in the Temple?

When you first arrive, there is the ‘Welcome Lounge’ and The Divine Mother doorway is open this month. This includes a video to welcome you, with messages and wisdom from the Power Animal and Goddess for that area, along with information and guidance to embody more of your sacred self and live a more beautiful, devotional life.

In the Divine Mother gateway, we are blessed to have the wisdom of divine Star Despres who has shared her sacred self care devotional living practices and guidance, along with some gifts and tools to deepen into this in your own life.

There is also a Meditation Garden area where you will find guided journeys for connection and inner peace, and the Womb Room which contains information, wisdom and resources on womb wisdom and moon cycles. This includes ‘Reclaim Your Sacred Blood’ initiation into women’s mysteries, and a gentle 12 minute Womb Yoga video, along with other resources.

What is your refund policy?

There is a 7 day no-questions-asked simple refund policy, so just let me know within 7 days if you join and don’t want to stay.

How long is the Temple journey and am I locked into anything?

The Divine Mother Temple Journey goes for 9 months. If you are paying monthly, you can leave at any time, although keep in mind it is designed to go deeper as we journey through each gateway. If you take advantage of the special offer to save $50 by paying upfront, you will have access for the full 9 months.

How much time will it take?

This is a gentle, spacious journey over each month, so there is no rush and plenty of time for you to do other things you need to do. Each month, you receive a welcome video, and some devotional practices to weave into your life. And another offering halfway through the month. There are also contribution from our Temple Priestess Sisters each month, and the option of joining me for a Full Moon and Dark Moon zoom gathering at 2 different timezones.

There may be spontaneous other offerings along the way… this is truly guided by the Goddess.

So, you could put less than 1-2 hours a week into this, or you could weave the wisdom into your daily life for more flow and ease. This is about a whole paradigm shift, so you come into more alignment with your body and natural cycles, for a more spacious and relaxing lifestyle, which is much healthier and natural.

Do you have any more questions?

Please EMAIL ME and I’ll be happy to answer them for you.

Hi, I’m Avalon.

I’m a Feminine Visionary, Shamanic Midwife and Temple Keeper, working with awakening mothers on the cutting edge of evolution, to align with your heart, womb, inner wisdom and visionary powers to birth your magic into the world.

It is my deepest honour to be the vessel for the Divine Mother Temple vision to be born. I am so excited to dive into this sacred container to do our powerful and beautiful work. Together we rise, sister!

Temple Sister Contributors

In the spirit of sisterhood and collaboration, we are blessed to be receiving wisdom and offerings from these Temple Sister Contributors inside the Temple as we journey together. Each brings her own unique magic and blessing to our collective. We are birthing a new way together, sisters!

Star Despres

Star Despres

Star is a Women’s Empowerment Mentor focusing on Sacred Self Care and Feminine Embodiment. She is also a Feminine Yoga Teacher and Teacher Trainer specialising in Women’s Health, Womb Awakening, Restorative Practises and Mindfulness. Her Temple offerings support us to listen to our body wisdom and nurture ourselves as a way of life, with tips, tools and foundational practices to replenish ourselves and make lifestyle changes to become more aligned with harmony in our hearts, wombs and lives. You can see more about her beautiful work and offerings at


Shae Elise Allen

Shae Elise Allen

Shae is a women’s empowerment coach and sexuality educator based in Melbourne, Australia. Shae has a special interest in working with Mothers who have disconnected from their sexuality, self-love and life purpose since having children and is an inspired and passionate educator on sex positive parenting. A respected Tantra Practitioner, Shae developed the bodywork method Yoni Repatterning and offers private sessions and workshops for women to release physical and emotional holding in the yoni (Sanskrit word for vagina) and womb, resulting in increased orgasmic potential and new empowered beliefs around body image and self worth. Learn more at


Myola Woods

Myola Woods

Myola is a pioneer with courage who bravely speaks about the things that make most of us uncomfortable. Her Temple offering is Healing the Divine Masculine. As we transform our relationship with our inner male, bring forward our divine masculine, our outward relationships change as well, we stop attracting those unhealed unconscious parts of ourselves. We live our authentic feminine structure and strength with love and connection. Myola is an Author, Certified Sexological Bodyworker and Somatic Sex Educator with extensive experience in Energetics, Bodywork and Education. You can see more about living a sensuous and orgasmic life at her website:


 Chaitanya Morly-Southall

Chaitanya Morly-Southall

Chaitanya works with wombs, women and yoga. Sharing sacred self care and movement practices to encourage deep levels of authenticity and pelvic wellbeing. She is a long time yogini, women’s yoga guide and healer who is so happy to share in the Divine Mother Temple and can be contacted through her website


Keren Huggett

Keren Huggett

Keren is offering ‘Connecting to Mumma Nature through playful presence for children’. Keren is an early childhood educator, consultant, intuitive Shamanic energy healer and advocate for children. She shares with us ideas for play and connection with nature that are simple, fun and energetically grounding. Her website is


Winter Jade Icely

Winter Jade Icely

Winter Jade Icely aka The Sex Witch, speaks about integrating the fragmented aspects of our feminine wisdom. How can we draw from the whore, the mother, the teacher, the beloved? How to attune to the wisdom of the sacred feminine through the archetype of Magdalena.


Yolanda Tong

Yolanda Tong

Yolanda works with Mothers across Australia & Asia to help them re-awaken, activate, ground, and embody their Multi-dimensional gifts which they’ve developed over many lifetimes in various places and dimensions. Along with her Spirit team of Ascended Masters & Cosmic Mothers, she will be working with you to help you to remember and embody more of your Multi-dimensional Cosmic Mother self and the gifts that brings, as well as bridging you you more deeply to the guidance, wisdom, and connection to Cosmic Mother Spirit teams in order to assist you and your children.  See more at


Nicole Moore

Nicole Moore

Nicole is a seeker, storyteller, empath, artist, oxytocin enthusiast, birth passionista & provocateur.  She live in a world of sustainable, curious co-creation and most enjoy sharing unique transformative experiences, in a field of safety & connection. Her Temple offering is an experience to heal the ‘Imprint of a Happy Childhood’ so we can expand our capacity to open, receive, be Love. When we give ourselves the experience of being received in Love, of being welcome, safe…  We directly influence our capacity to feel those things in everyday life.  And we can cultivate, that growing allowance, acceptance and ease.
Celeste Morris

Celeste Morris

Celeste will be offering The Divine Mother Temple with a Rite of Passage to honour the transition from Maiden to Mother. As a woman passes this great threshold there is a need to acknowledge the maiden and provide her with a clear pathway to walk into the role of Mother with greater ease, connection and integration. This ritual journey is perfect for mothers at any stage to celebrate the maiden within and honour the gifts she brings to the initiation of motherhood. You can follow Celeste on instagram @Celeste_Morris and check out her website called


 Claire Barton

Claire Barton

Claire is a savvy mama and self-confessed Organisation Nerd, who geeks out on systems and strategies to make your life and business easier, more fun and aligned! Her Temple offerings will help us build strong foundations for our visions to flourish, recover from perfectionism, trust the process and do less, and she’s also sharing practical tools like business apps, planning, hacks and resources. We are blessed to have Claire’s savvy wisdom in the Temple, and you can see more about her here:
Megan Koufos

Megan Koufos

Megan Koufos is a mentor and guide for conscious mamas who are raising The New Earth Children, to create true sovereign freedom and abundance in their lives. She supports mamas to be empowered with the knowledge, intuition, soul connection and support to make decisions for their family’s mind, body, soul, and emotional health and wellness, to make wise choices as to how they live their lives and raise their children. We are blessed to have Megan’s wisdom in the Temple, and you can see more about her at


Sarah-Jane Perman

Sarah-Jane Perman

Sarah-Jane is a passionate and deeply authentic wisdom keeper and way shower (and mother), in service to the rise of the feminine and our planet Gaia. She holds powerful sacred space and weaves alchemical journeys of yoga, dance multidimensional energy & sound healing, breath work, shamanic ritual, womb activation & sacred movement practices that will open you up as a conduit of Spirit. See more at


Sequoia Krop

Sequoia Krop

Sequoia Krop offers women centered and shamanic healings, workshop and rituals. She is a writer, a blood witch, a priestess of the women’s mysteries and a Red Tent facilitator. She runs various workshops for women on honouring ourselves, cycles, menstruation, magick, drum making and holds Red Tent on her land in Wilsons Creek. She has run Red Tents and presented workshops, talks and rituals at various conferences and festivals around Australia. Sequoia works in service to women and the goddess and is dedicated to the sisterhood and the vision of living the healed feminine. Her Temple offerings include Blood Mysteries Wisdom, Day 3 Blood dreaming, Shamanic womb Journeys. Her website is


Mikailah is a Star Wisdom Shamanic Astrologer & Transpersonal Counsellor.  She listens in a down to earth, compassionate way, holding space so you can ‘author you own life‘ in an authentic way.  One of Mikailah’s greatest passions is celebrating the sensuality of nature through the expressive arts and transpersonal counselling as a creative agent of change. We are blessed to have Mikailah’s Star Wisdom Astrology reading for the Temple, and you can see more about her here:


Tara Skubella

Tara Skubella

Tara survived 21 days in a Panamanian Jungle living intimately with the earth and sleeping with her bare-naked skin touching the jungle soil every night. She embraces the wild earth, wild femininity and wild passions that roam through her heart body and soul. It is her purpose and calling to guide others’ to root and bare their souls in order connect with themselves others in an authentic and more intimate way. Tara will be offering wild earth connection practices to nurture ourselves so we can fully connect with others in a healthy, authentic and intimate way by embracing and learning from the earth together.


Amanda Jayne Fisher

Amanda Jayne Fisher

Amanda is a healer, writer, activist and a Shamanic Witch. Her medicine is to help healers and heart centered business owners fulfill their life’s purpose by coming home to, and stepping up into, their unique gifts & magic. She helps those who desire to heal the world do so in a more powerful and balanced way by connecting them with their Plant Spirit guides, the wisdom of our natural world and the true heart of our humanity. Amanda did the beautiful Plant Spirit Reading for the Divine Mother Temple and can be found here
Anita Bentata

Anita Bentata

Anita is an author, speaker, psychotherapist, trainer and consultant, with 20 years experience helping women heal from trauma and relationship abuse. She works with body wisdom and the unconscious, to heal at a core level and help women develop emotional muscle and resilience. Her Temple offering in the Dark Mother area invites us to engage with the unbearable and give voice to the unspeakable, as we heal the woundings that have affected us for generations. You can see more about Anita’s work at


How AMAZING is that!! So much goddess wisdom!

Here’s how to join: