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Did you know…

Childbirth can be sensual, beautiful and even ecstatic?

Beautifil Pregnancy

An amazing birth doesn’t happen by accident.

Being pregnant is exciting, yet there can be a lot of fear, pain and trauma around birth.

Contrary to popular opinion, birth is not just a random event based on luck.

How you prepare makes a difference!

There are specific things you can do to greatly increase your chances of having a safe, natural and beautiful birth.

It takes dedication, commitment and focus to have the birth you want.


~ The Birth Blueprint ~

Reclaiming Nature’s Wisdom

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A step-by-step guide to sensual, ecstatic Birth.


This is a guided, transformational journey to prepare for your best birth possible.

This course is for you, if you:


  • want to understand birth and trust your body to birth naturally
  • want to prepare yourself with simple tools to reduce pain and have a sensual, beautiful birth
  • have had disappointing birth experience/s and want to have a better birth this time
  • desire to share birth as an intimate, bonding experience with your partner
  • are a birthkeeper, ie midwife, doula & birth educator who wants to support your clients to have their best birth.

How is the course delivered?

Once you sign up, you can access everything online from the comfort of your own home.

It’s self paced, so you can go as fast or slow as you want, and there is no time limit.

There are a mix of videos, audios, guided journeys and worksheets to help you prepare for your best birth.

What’s in the course?

Module One: Reclaiming the Power of Pregnancy

  • Understand what has influenced your views until now, and rise into your highest vision for birth.
  • Learn how to use your pregnancy hormones & sensitivity as a gift to bring you into more alignment with your heart.
  • Learn to speak up and communicate more effectively with the people around you.
  • Learn simple wisdom and pregnancy self-care practices to prepare your body for a safer, more comfortable birth.

Module Two: Preparing for Sensual Birth

  • Understand how your body works and how to soften and open more easily and safely for birth.
  • Be gently guided to release fears so you can become a clear vessel for your birth energy to flow more freely.
  • Learn how to consciously create your energetic ‘field of birth’ to greatly increase your chances of having the beautiful birth you desire.
  • Learn how to release tension and surrender into birth as a deeply pleasurable, sensual experience.

Module Three: Unleash Your Inner Birthing Goddess

  • Learn Practical Tools for an Easier, Safer Birth so you can surrender and trust your body wisdom to guide you.
  • Learn the secrets to take your birth to the next level of ecstasy and euphoria and how to more easily birth gently with the least risk of tearing or haemorrhage.
  • Learn how to honour your baby’s first moments for optimum bonding and natural, safe placenta delivery.

Module Four: Emerging as Divine Mother

  • Learn now to honour yourself after baby arrives and set up support systems to make this transition smoother and easier.
  • Emerge as Divine Mother and trust yourself to intuitively nurture your baby YOUR way, regardless of what others say.
  • Learn how to be present and responsive to your baby’s needs and strengthen your lifelong bond and confidence to nurture your baby with joy and confidence.

You’ll also receive these BONUS sessions.

  • Birth Visioning and Planning Guide – to rise above fears, and expand into your highest vision for your birth.
  • Shamanic Drum Journeys to meet your Power Animal for your birth, and journey into your womb to meet your baby.
  • Birthkeeper Secrets for partners to understand birth and feel confident to support your sensual, natural birth.
  • Healing Past Births – clear past fears so you can be more present and confident to birth this baby.
  • Lotus Birth – learn the what, why and how of this gentle process and choose if this is for you.
  • EC Made Easy – learn how to respond to your baby toileting needs to deepen your connection.

What others say…

“I was looking for someone to help me find my inner power, release fears and help me sort through the emotions that are so heightened in pregnancy. Avalon was that person! I am so eternally grateful to have had the opportunity to share in 3 phone sessions throughout my first pregnancy. Avalon listened with patience, heard with clarity and encouraged and enabled me to hear my own inner voice and find all the answers I was looking for. When I was then faced with changing my birth plan at the end of my pregnancy I was able to do so with strength and courage and succeeded in having a truly empowered vaginal birth of my beautiful son. I have been so grateful to continue to use the knowledge and strategies discovered with Avalon throughout our sessions as a mama now and love knowing that Avalon is also available for sessions to assist me with the emotional stretch of mothering! Thank you Avalon, Love Jane”.

Avalon has been a great support during my pregnancy. She has a great talent for listening and getting to the root of issues, dealing with them in a loving and caring manner. I believe my second birthing experience will be so much easier and gentler. The sacred midwifery is a valuable tool to expel deep-rooted fears of birthing and beyond and gaining awareness and insights about your fears, blockages and issues. Avalon is a nurturing and caring woman. She holds a sacred space for you to feel safe to express and let go of negative energy and prepare for a joyous natural birthing experience. Ayesha Dorbecker *note – Ayesha did go on to have a beautiful, natural homebirth.

“Ohhhh Avalon, Thankyou so much. You give such powerful, connected and wise advice. And yet also so simple. It resonates with truth for me. I will carry your words with me into my birthing, and will let you know how it all goes.  Again, thankyou with all of my heart for sharing what you did, for your blessings and encouragement, I feel deeply honoured and grateful.  Oceans of love and blessings to you, I pray with all of my being that your course reaches far and wide as I truly believe birthing women everywhere will benefit greatly from this. You are doing wonderful work, goddess, to bring light love and trust back to birth. Much love, Elly”.

A bit about me

Hi, I’m Avalon.

I’m a Shamanic Birthkeeper, Feminine Visionary and Teacher of Women’s Mysteries. Giving birth awakened my ancient wisdom and passion for empowered birth, and now it is my joy and pleasure to share this with you. I’ve personally experienced hospital birth, homebirth, and a shamanic, ecstatic, orgasmic birth.

In my Wholistic Psychology studies, I specialised in Conception and Birth Influences, and then graduated from the School of Shamanic Midwifery to honour birth as a spiritual journey and Rite of Passage to motherhood.

I was interviewed by the Women’s Weekly about my orgasmic birth, which went viral and opened up this possibility for more women, like you!

Birth is THE MOST intense experience of your life. 

It stretches you beyond your limits… and then some!

This course gives you an empowering combination of wisdom, insights and practical tools for you to reclaim your power, and prepare your body, mind and spirit for a sensual, ecstatic birth.


There’s so much fear and misunderstanding about birth in our culture.

Epidemic proportions of women and babies have pain and trauma from birth. At an instinctual level, our bodies are preparing for birth as a peak experience. If that doesn’t happen as nature intended, there is a deep disappointment at a core level. This loss is not widely recognized in our culture. Birth impacts on a woman’s self esteem, sexuality and ability to trust her intuition as a mother. I feel for the babies who have entered the world in scary ways, and have compassion for the mothers who have experienced disappointing births. There are gifts in every birth, and I am passionate about women like you being informed and empowered to have your best birth possible.

~ What would you like to ask me? ~

I'm freaked out about birth, will this course help me?

Fears can stem from a whole range of factors, including hearing horror stories and having our own previous bad experiences about birth which we are surrounded with in our culture.  Fear can also arise due to a lack of understanding or trust in your body to do what it’s made for.  It is no surprise that birth freaks people out!  In this course you’ll learn how your body works and how your mindset contributes to your birth experience, with an opportunity to release your fears and learn tips and tools to work with your body for a safer, easier and even ecstatic birth as nature intended.

Can I do this course at my own pace, or is there a time limit?
You can go at your own pace.  When you register, you have access to all the modules, sessions and bonuses for the lifetime of the course, so you can move through them as fast or slow as you want. Dive in and do them in a weekend if you’re close to birth, or spread it out over months if you have more time. It’s up to you!

I'd really like my partner to be involved in this birth. Will this course help him?
Yes, absolutely.  Having quality support enhances your whole birth experience.  There is a Bonus Session especially for ‘Birthkeepers’ so your partner or support person can learn how to protect your ‘birth bubble’ and join you in this sacred space together.  With these tools, they will feel confident and trusting, which helps you drop more deeply into the zone of birth, and you can have a shared, sensual, bonding experience together.  Your partner might like to watch some of the other videos too, so they have a better understanding of birth and how to support you.

My obstetrician said my babies are too big to birth naturally. What can I do?

The hormones of birth help the ligaments in your pelvis soften and stretch, so during birth your pelvis can open larger than ever before in your life.  In addition to that, in this course you’ll learn how to position yourself in a way that opens your pelvis 30% wider than usual!  Your baby’s skull is still flexible and only partially formed at birth, with separate plates that literally overlap to squash through the birth canal. Rather than birthing a watermelon, the reality is it’s more like squeezing out a mango, which is what your body is perfectly designed for when you are soft and relaxed. This combination of your pelvis opening, and your baby’s head squashing down during birth, make it virtually impossible to predict that your baby cannot fit through your pelvis! There are other factors that can influence your ability to open like fear, sexual tension, and unconscious resistance which can cause blockages in the flow of your birth energy. These are areas you have the chance to heal by doing The Birth Blueprint Course. * The Shamanic Journeys offered in this program also give you access to deeper levels of wisdom not accessible by the rational mind, to give you more information about what you need to know to birth your baby safely. The power of pregnancy and birth give you access to deeper levels of intuition, so although we are conditioned to look for answers outside ourselves, I invite you to tune into your own truth and wisdom, and find your own answer about what would serve you best.

My birth was painful and frightening. I cannot possibly imagine birth being enjoyable. Is your program for me?

You are not alone!  For thousands of years we have been told that birth is the worst agony and suffering for a woman to endure, and this has been the reality for many women.  On the other hand, a study showed that a painless childbirth is the reality for up to 45,000 women EVERY YEAR in America.* I’m hearing you had pain and fear in your birth, and this is the experience for many women. With more understanding and better support, there are ways to help you release the pain and wounding from that experience, and release tension from your body so that you can open more easily for birth next time.  The Bonus Session on Healing Past Births would be highly beneficial for you to process your experience and open to something more beautiful next time. I have also personally experienced an incredibly pleasurable, euphoric birth, and believe every woman has this potential within her.  At our core, birth is the ultimate sexual opening, so our sexuality gives us clues to how we can best facilitate an easier, more pleasurable birth. Although the potential is there, ecstatic birth is not for everyone.  It takes courage, strength and willingness to move beyond old conditioning, heal old wounds and be open to moving beyond your past edges, taking responsibility to reclaim your full power as a woman.  The opportunity is there.  It’s up to you whether to you are ready and willing to commit to that possibility for yourself. * A study conducted by CL Pasero and R Britt (August 1998). Managing Pain During Labor, published in the American Journal of Nursing 98:10-11.

I'm planning to birth in hospital. Is this course still relevant for me?

Yes! It’s really important for you to birth in a place where you feel the most safe and comfortable.  No matter where you birth, the skills you learn in this course will help you to step into your power and have the best birth you can.  If you are birthing in hospital, I highly recommend having a doula or birth support person with you, in addition to your partner, who can help protect your sacred birthing space from outside influences, so you can relax and surrender to your body without interruptions.  The ‘Birthkeeper Secrets’ session contains valuable information for your support people, which is even more essential if you are in hospital.

I've only just found out I'm pregnant. When would be a good time to start the course?
You can start as soon as you’re ready.  Earlier is better, to give you lots of time to indulge in your pregnancy and slowly, gently prepare for your birth.  There are some beautiful practises and journal exercises that are valuable right from the start.  It’s never too early to start preparing your mind, body and spirit for birth.

I'm close to birthing, is it too late to do your course?
If you are getting close to birth, I recommend diving straight into Module 3: Unleash Your Ecstatic Birthing Goddess for practical tools you can use straight away when you go into labour. If you have time, you can go back and do the earlier sessions on Empowered Pregnancy and Preparing for Sensual Birth. Module 4: Emerging as Divine Mother is for after baby arrives, so this is nourishing and supportive for you even if you’re right on birth’s doorstep!

Ready to join? Here’s how.